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Radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers are commonly used in wireless communication devices (such as cellular phones, radios, and wireless modem) to amplify and transmit radio frequency (RF) signals. Radio frequency transmission of an electrical signal requires corresponding power amplification for the intended transmission range. RF signals typically have a broad frequency spectrum from several megahertz (MHZ) to tens of gigahertz (GHZ), and higher. A power amplifier amplifies an radio frequency signal at the output of a transmitter prior to transmission in a small-size communication device. A typical radio transmitter uses a radio frequency (RF) power amplifier to amplify outbound signals for transmission by an antenna. RF power amplifiers are generally designed to provide maximum efficiency at the maximal output power. Within the amplifier assemblies are typically plural printed circuit boards on which components that process the RF signals are mounted. Typically, a RF power amplifier consists of an integrated circuit chip having the transistors and other circuitry associated with the amplifier and a number of off-chip components that filter the signal or provide impedance matching at a particular operating frequency. RF signals are transmitted between the various processing components.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : RF amplifiers

  • ABACOM Technologies, Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and supplier of board level RF data modules and subassemblies. Products include linear RF power amplifier, AV RF power amplifier, ground plane antenna, rubber moulded helical antenna, centre-fed dipole antenna, AM superhet receiver module, FM superheterodyne receiver, wireless data acquisition modules, RF remote control receiver platforms, remote control repeater, radio modem transceiver, UHF radio transmitter modules, channel decoders, and keyfob cases. USA.
  • CAP Wireless, Inc.
    Designer of RF and microwave amplifiers and amplifier subsystems, including low noise amplifiers, high dynamic range amplifiers, power amplifiers, up/down converters, multi-couplers, spatium ultra broad band power amplifiers, and drop in broad band power modules. USA.
  • Crescend Technologies
    Manufacturer of high power, RF amplifiers for the VHF, UHF, 800/900 MHz land and mobile markets. Products include rack-mounted amplifiers for 2-way radio and trunking, paging, and military applications, mobile amplifiers, specialty application amplifiers, and LDA amplifiers are designed for use in the 50-500 MHz or 500-1000 MHz frequency ranges. USA.
  • Empower RF Systems, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures solid-state, high power RF amplifier systems and modules, including broadband modules covering the frequency range from 10KHz to 6GHz with power levels up to 500W, ultra-broadband linear amplifier systems, general communications amplifiers, matched band modules, and personal communication modules. USA.
  • KMIC Technology
    Manufacturer of solid state power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, intermediate power amplifiers, up and down converters, and transceiver modules. Products are designed specifically for service in point-to-point radio (PTP), mobile van ENG terrestrial radio, wireless local loop (WLL) equipment, and fixed/mobile satellite earth stations operating in S, C, X, Ku, tri-band, DBS, and ka band uplink frequencies. USA.
  • Microwave Amplifiers Ltd.
    Specialises in the design and manufacture of GaAs fet microwave amplifiers & sub-systems for research, industrial and commercial applications. Products include low-noise amplifiers small signal amplifiers, medium power amplifiers, high power amplifiers, power amplifiers for cellular communications, broadband amplifiers, COFDM amplifiers, amplifiers for high-energy physics, amplifiers for IMD testing. UK.
  • MicroWave Technology Inc.
    MMIC amplifiers, leadless chip carrier, broad band general purpose amplifiers, WiMax power amplifiers, MwT-17 in SOT89 package, power phemts, gunn diodes, balanced amplifier modules, high linearity driver amplifiers, general purpose amplifiers, thin film circuits, wireless amplifiers, microwave amplifiers, hybrid modules, and custom products. USA.
    Designs and manufactures high power, solid state, broadband and band-specific amplifiers ranging in frequency from 10 kHz to 8 GHz, with power levels from 1 Watt to above 2 kilowatts. These products include broadband module solutions, band-specific system solutions, amplifier subsystems, and amplifier modules. USA.
  • QuinStar Technology, Inc.
    Supplier of microwave broadband low noise amplifiers, millimeter wave general purpose amplifiers, millimeter wave narrowband power amplifiers, cryogenically cooled amplifiers and systems, high power pulsed IMPATT amplifiers, broadband detectors, balanced phase detectors, spectrum analyzer mixers, upconverters, bi-phase modulator, gunn regulators/modulators, stable millimeter wave sources, frequency extenders, precision junction circulators and isolators, waveguide switches, multi-output power divider, band reject and notch filters, waveguide flange adapters, and antenna products. USA.
  • Instruments For Industry Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of solid state and traveling wave tube amplifiers including solid state high power TWT amplifiers, solid state medium power TWT amplifiers, millimeter TWT amplifiers, high power pulsed TWT amplifiers and solid state combination amplifiers. Other products include E- field generating antenna, standard gain horns, TEM cells, sensors/probes, and leveling preamplifiers. USA.

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