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A power divider or a power combiner is a device for dividing and/or combining the wireless signals. A power divider is an interdependent device calculating a vector sum total of at least two signals. Power dividers divide power in an input path into two or more output paths. When energy flows in an opposite direction through a power divider, the power divider acts as a power combiner. Power divider circuits are used in radio frequency applications to split an input signal over two or more outputs so that the input signal can be processed in parallel in subsequent stages. RF power dividers make possible the generation of high levels of RF power using lower powered RF transistors. This facilitates the substitution of transistors in place of high-powered tubes, yielding more reliable designs. Microwave power dividers are useful in a wide variety of instrumentation and system applications, such as feeding signals to multiple antennas. Power dividers can also be used to combine microwave signals by applying the signals to be combined to what would normally be considered the outputs of the divider. RF power dividers can be classified into three categories: T-junction power divider, Wilkilson power divider, and Quadratue hybrid power divider. Power dividers are of generally two classes: passive power dividers and active power dividers. Passive power dividers can be designed to work over octave bandwidths with acceptable phase and amplitude control. Active power dividers, which use a three-terminal device such as a transistor for amplification, are less sensitive to input and output matches and can provide controllable gain. A power divider typically includes an internal combustion engine that drives devices such as compressors and pumps.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : Power dividers

  • Center RF Technology Co. Ltd
    Manufacturer of power dividers, directional couplers, combiner, ceiling antenna , indoor panel antenna, yagi antenna, RF load, line amplifier, RF cylinder resistor, RF power resistor, RF jumper, microwave attenuator, wireless public antenna, ontable snall antenna, small line antenna, line amplifier, power amplitier, low noise amplifier, and phase locked RF generator. China.
  • Ciao Wireless, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of RF & microwave amplifiers (octave band and half-octave band amplifiers, thin-film MIC amplifiers, broadband and multi-octave band amplifiers, 200 MHz and 500 MHz bandwidth low noise amplifier, RF limiting amplifiers) for both the defense and commercial industries, power combiners and dividers for EW/ECM, contemporary radar and phased arrays, and communications systems, as well as RF and microwave amplifiers. USA.
  • Instock Wireless Components, Inc.
    Offers fourteen power divider, power combiner models in 2-way through 8-way configurations. Featuring N-Jack and SMA-Jack connector styles. These broadband power divider, power combiners cover the 0.7-2.7 GHz frequency range with exceptional specs. True 3-way and 6-way power dividers provide equal power split and balance. T-Style power dividers allow unrestricted cable access. USA.
  • Krytar, Inc.
    Manufacturer of directional couplers, dual directional couplers, 3 dB 90 degree hybrid couplers, 3 dB 180 degree hybrid couplers, MLDD power dividers/combiners, planar doped barrier detectors, zero bias schottky detectors, directional detectors, coaxial adapters, coaxial terminations, power meter, and power sensors. USA.
  • Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, Inc.
    Specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of RF components and sub-systems, including wireless and microwave radio communication systems, low noise amplifiers, programmable RF synthesizers, pin diode and MMIC RF switches, power dividers, low cost receivers, VXI distribution assemblies, surface mount directional couplers and 3 dB, 90 degree, hybrid couplers for WLL, Cellular, GSM, PCS and PCN applications. USA.
  • Picosecond Pulse Labs
    Designs and manufactures instruments, modules, and components for test & measurement and serial communications. Products include amplifiers & drivers, attenuators, baluns and transformers, bias tees, comb generators, custom pulse generators, DC blocks, down converters, ECL/PECL terminators, impulse forming networks, low-pass filters, non linear transmission lines, power dividers, pick-off tees, pulse generators, samplers, TDR/TDT instruments, and trigger countdown. USA.
  • RLC Electronics, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of low frequency power dividers, surface mount power dividers, broadband power dividers, high frequency power dividers, 2 way resistive power splitter, QPL approved switches, miniature surface mount coaxial switches, waveguide switches, stopband attenuation curves, high power low pass filters, band reject filters, gain equalizers, broadband miniature attenuators, variable attenuators, 600 Ohm precision step attenuator, terminations, miniature quadrature hybrid coupler, octave and broadband directional couplers, directional detectors, schottky detectors, broadband bias tee, coaxial to waveguide adapters, and high frequency adaptors. USA.
  • Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    Develops amplifiers, attenuators, chip capacitors, diodes, directional couplers, directional detectors, hybrids, infrastructure RF subsystems, power dividers/combiners, phase shifters, receivers, switches, synthesizers/PLLs, technical ceramics, transmitters, WLAN front-end modules, CDMA RF subsystems, GPRS RF subsystems, power amplifiers, and GPRS system platforms. USA.
  • Telewave, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures high quality radio system equipment including fiberglass collinear antennas, exposed dipole and dipole array antennas, exposed dipole and dipole array antennas, yagi directional antennas, cables and connectors, cavity filters, transmitter combiners, crossband coupler, base station duplexers, intermodulation panels, RF isolators, antenna power dividers, and receiver multicouplers. USA.

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