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Crystal oscillators are widely used to generate timing signals for electronic hardware, such as computers, instrumentation, and telecommunications equipment. Clock generation for semiconductor devices can take many forms including ring oscillators, crystal controlled oscillators, external clock devices, phase locked loops (PLL) on a semiconductor device, and delay locked loops (DLL) on a semiconductor device. In general, crystal oscillators are classified into simple packaged crystal oscillators (SPXOs), voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO), temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), etc. A simple packaged crystal oscillator is a crystal oscillator that does not perform temperature compensation. A temperature-compensated oscillator is a crystal oscillator that performs temperature compensation so as not to change output frequency even if ambient temperature changes. A voltage-controlled oscillator is a crystal oscillator that changes output frequency in accordance with a control voltage that is supplied externally. Crystal oscillators typically include a quartz crystal and an oscillator circuit, which electrically excites the crystal so as to generate an oscillating signal at a resonant frequency determined by physical characteristics of the crystal. Oscillator circuits are used in desktop computers, laptops, computer peripherals, cell phones, counters and timers, calculators, phase-locked loops, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, and numerous other applications. Piezoelectric oscillators are used heavily as frequency signal sources for communication equipment or the like because of their high frequency stability. Rubidium atomic oscillators provide a constant frequency output by taking advantage of a highly stable resonance frequency of rubidium (Rb) atoms. Rubidium oscillators are widely used as a frequency standard for television broadcast services and also as a high-accuracy timing source for digital synchronous networks and mobile communications systems.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : Oscillators

  • Ecliptek Corporation
    Manufacturer of clock (crystal) oscillator, programmable oscillator, programmable spread spectrum oscillator, voltage controlled crystal oscillator, temperature compensated crystal oscillator, temperature compensated voltage controlled crystal oscillator, oven controlled crystal oscillator, thru-hole crystals, and surface mount crystals. USA.
  • Euroquartz Limited
    Manufacturer of leaded quartz crystals, surface-mount quartz crystals, military and high specification crystals, leaded oscillators, low-power consumption oscillators, sine wave oscillators, voltage-controlled crystal oscillators, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, oven-controlled crystal oscillators, programmable oscillators, ceramic filters, traps and discriminators, monolithic crystal filters, ceramic resonators, and timing modules. UK.
  • Frequency Management International
    Designer and manufacturer of frequency control devices including voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO), clock oscillators, crystal oscillator products, phase locked sources, low voltage differential signaling (lvds) oscillators, positive-referenced emitter-coupled logic (pecl) oscillators, sinwave & clipped sinewave oscillators, hcmos & ttl clock oscillators, low-voltage oscillators, voltage controlled and temperature compensated oscillators. USA.
  • Keragis Corporation
    Specializes in producing custom RF and microwave component and subsystem including low noise, low VSWR, high dynamic range, high intercept point amplifiers, broad band medium power amplifiers, low phase noise oscillators, transmitter and receiver systems from 50 MHz to 18 GHz involving all modulation types. USA.
  • Macrobizes Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and supplier of voltage controlled crystal oscillator, temperature compensated crystal oscillators, oven controlled crystal oscillators, simple packaged crystal oscillators (clock oscillators), thru-hole and miniature surface mount crystal resonators. China.
  • MtronPTI
    Designing, manufacturing, and marketing crystal based frequency control products including computers and telephone network switches, high-speed gigabit ethernets, modems, wireless transmitters/receivers, clock oscillator, multiplexers, data recovery/regeneration devices, fiber channel networks, repeaters, data receivers, line interface devices, and base station controllers. USA.
  • Spinnaker Microwave, Inc.
    Produces microwave sources covering from 1 to 20 GHz and include, including hyperabrupt varactor tuned broadband oscillator, hybrid low noise oscillators, fixed frequency oscillators, dual output oscillators, phased locked oscillators, and frequency synthesizers. USA.
  • Valpey Fisher
    Manufacturer of quartz crystals, crystal clock oscillators (XOs), voltage controlled crystal clock oscillators (VCXOs), temperature compensated crystal clock oscillators (TCXOs), oven controlled crystal clock oscillators (OCXOs), high reliability (hi-rel) oscillators, and commercial off the shelf (COTS) oscillators. USA.
  • Vectron International, Inc.
    Specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensor and hybrid product solutions. Products include voltage controlled crystal oscillators, temperature controlled crystal oscillators, oven controlled crystal oscillators, frequency controlled crystal oscillators, voltage controlled SAW oscillators, precision, standard, and programmable crystal oscillators, and surface acoustic wave filters.

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