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Microwave tubes are comprised of a body section including a slow wave circuit or a cavity for achieving an amplification through an interaction between an electron beam and an input signal wave and a collector section for eventually capturing the electron beams. Microwave power finds extensive applications to various fields such as communication, laser, industrial heating, particle accelerators, radio astronomy, and nuclear fusion. A microwave tube such as a traveling-wave tube or a klystron is used in various fields of communication, television broadcasting, radar, industrial heating, and nuclear fusion. A beam rectilinear type microwave tube generally amplifies and oscillates a microwave using an electron beam. A linear-beam microwave tube for high power has a collector core for collecting electrons of electron beams, which turns into high temperatures and high voltages during its operation. Magnetron microwave tubes are most commonly used as high-power oscillators either in a pulsed or a continuous mode.

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  • Cober Muegge LLC
    Developer and supplier of industrial microwave heating components and hardware, manufactures a standard line of microwave generators and waveguide components for industrial, scientific and medical applications from 300 watts to 100KW at 915 and 2450MHz. Waveguide, circulators, instrumentation, dummy loads, microwave tubes, isolators, circulators, dummy loads, manual and automatic tuners, directional couplers, adjustable shorts and magnetrons are also available at all power levels and in all industrial waveguide sizes. USA.
  • e2v Technologies (UK) Ltd.
    Manufactures thermionic cathodes for both pulse and CW applications, electron guns for linear beam tubes, microwave resonant structures and slow-wave interaction structures, hermetically-sealed vacuum-tight structures involving dissimilar metals and ceramic or glass insulators, interfaces with both power supplies and waveguides that have good electrical and RF matches, high power switching products, tube based subsystems, RF power tubes, thermal imaging systems, gas sensors, radio evacuation and distress system.
  • MKS Instruments, Inc.
    Provider of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing processes such as semiconductor device manufacturing; thin-film manufacturing for flat panel displays, optical storage media, architectural glass and electro-optical products; and technology for medical imaging equipment. Manufactures a wide range of products in the areas of pressure measurement & control, flow measurement & control, leak detection, calibration, gas analysis, and control & information technologies. USA.
  • NEC Microwave Tube, Ltd.
    Developing, manufacturing, selling, and maintenance services of electronic devices such as electronic tubes, traveling wave tubes for earth stations, klystron amplifier for earth stations, klystron amplifier for troposcatter links, and microwave power modules. Japan.
  • TMD Technologies Ltd.
    Supplier of rugged amplifiers and transmitters for radar and electronic warfare, EMC & RF testing, communications, scientific and medical markets. The company's product range and capability also covers microwave tubes, high voltage power supplies, instrumentation microwave amplifiers and special processing services. UK.

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