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Filters are widely used to modify the frequency response of electronic circuits. Electrical filters are the basic building blocks that can be found in almost every type of electrical circuitry.  Electrical filters typically use pass or stop bands to modify the frequency response of a circuit by selectively transmitting or attenuating one or more frequencies within a spectrum. Filters may exhibit low pass, high pass, band pass, and band rejection attributes. A microwave filter is an electromagnetic circuit that can be tuned to pass energy at a specified resonant frequency. Microwave filters are employed in numerous signal processing situations ranging from satellite communication systems to radar systems. Microwave filters are commonly used in telecommunication applications to transmit energy in a desired band of frequencies and reject energy at unwanted frequencies that are outside of the desired band. Microwave filters filter a signal by removing frequencies that are outside a bandpass frequency range. Microwave filters separate a communications satellite's received signal into separate bands for amplification and, after amplification, to provide channel separation for the amplified signals which are combined by a multiplexer for retransmission. Microwave filters are generally constructed from conductive cavities of rectangular, cylindrical or spherical shape. Internally, a typical microwave filter includes an array of interconnected filter cavities.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : Microwave filters

  • Accute Micro Electronics Co. Ltd.
    Manufacturer specializing in ceramic bandpass filters (dielectric filters, or dielectric ceramic filters, microwave ceramic filters), ceramic diplexers (ceramic duplexers), ceramic resonators (coaxial type dielectric resonators), AND GPS patch antenna (dielectric antenna), widely used in telecommunication industry (base station, GSM, PHS, CDMA, repeater, PCS,PAS), GPS, MMDS, WLL, RF remote controls, and military systems. China.
  • Allied Telecom Components Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures RF & microwave components including cavity, combline filters & duplexers; dielectric filters & duplexers; lumped element filters & duplexers; combiners and dividers, etc. China.
  • BSC Filters
    Designs and manufactures microwave filters and microwave diplexers, including combline bandpass filters, diplexers, helical filters, interdigital filters, lumped element filters, suspended substrate filters, tubular filters, ultra-short end-launch transition, waveguide bandpass filters, and waveguide waffle iron (lowpass) filters. UK.
  • Coleman Microwave Company
    Designs and manufactures custom microwave filters in the frequency range of 400 MHz to 40 GHz. Specializing in cavity resonator designs, filters are offered in both coaxial and waveguide modes of operation. Products include tunable channel filters, tunable bandpass filters, individual tuned bandpass filters, fixed tuned bandpass filters, band reject filters, harmonic absorptive filters, harmonic reflective filters, shorting switches, waveguide assemblies, high power filters, directional couplers, coaxial filters, high power filters, low pass filters, band reject filters, and band pass filters. USA.
  • Dunestar Systems
    Manufactures multi-band remote switched bandpass filters, single band bandpass filters, HF highpassfilters, portable antennas and switching devices, two radio headphone mix & switch, ground buss bar, as well as custom applications for amateur radio and commercial users. USA.
  • Integrated Microwave
    Designer and manufacturer of precision IF, RF and microwave filters and integrated multifunction modules for the aerospace, defense, test equipment and communications industries. Products include bandpass filters, lowpass filters, highpass filters, ceramic resonators, multiplexers, and linear phase filters. USA.
  • Microwave Filter Company Inc.
    Design, development and manufacture of high quality passive electronic filter products in the 5 Hz to 50 GHz frequency spectrum. Products include CATV/UHF/VHF filters, discrete element filters, cavity bandpass filters, waveguide bandpass filters and accessories, wireless and miscellaneous products, satellite filters, bullet traps, MMDS, LPTV & FM transmit products. USA.
  • RF Monolithics, Inc.
    Designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of radio frequency wireless solutions enabling wireless connectivity for the automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and communications markets. Product lines include RF components, including communications components, low-power components, and short range radios, and wireless systems which includes standard sub-systems and software and OEM products. USA.
  • RME Filters, Inc.
    Supplier of electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters and RF and microwave components, including electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, military-grade filters (designed and tested to MIL-F-15733), signal line filters for multiple circuit applications, power input filters for equipment, subsystems and power supplies, facility filters, tubular filters for feed-through performance to 10GHz, filter assemblies, and RLC networks. USA.
  • Spectrum Microwave, Inc.
    Offers a complete product line ranging from surface mount to rack mount configurations covering frequencies from DC to 65 GHz. Products include ceramic resonators, dielectric resonators, bandpass filters, duplexers, crossband coupler diplexer, cavity filters, waveguide filters, GPS antennas, satellite radio antennas, LO multiplier local oscillator doubler, microwave synthesizer, RF / IF preselector. USA.
  • Telonic Berkeley, Inc.
    Designer of precision microwave products and diesel smoke opacity meters, including a broad range of tunable bandpass filters covering from 8 MHz to 4 GHz, fixed frequency filters, rotary step attenuators, digitally programmable miniature attenuators, portable opacity meter, and in-line steady state opacity meter. USA.

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