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In many microwave systems attenuators are used for automatic gain control of receiver and transmitter systems. Fixed and variable microwave attenuators provide gain level adjustments for microwave circuits and systems. Attenuators are also used for amplitude weighting in phased array radar and for temperature compensation of microwave amplifiers. Microwave attenuators provide attenuation in either discrete step attenuation or continuously variable. Broadband microwave attenuators typicallybcontain a single resistive surface which forms both the series attenuated path between the primary conductors and a shunt impedance path between the primary conductors and the ground conductor. Generally, microwave attenuators operate by absorbing the electromagnetic energy of a wave traveling down the wave guide. The amount of attenuation may be varied by changing the insertion depth of an absorbing element.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : Microwave attenuators

  • Aeroflex / Inmet, Inc.
    Offers low power fixed attenuators, medium power fixed attenuators, high power fixed attenuators, 75 Ohm attenuators & minimum loss matching pads, calibrated fixed attenuator sets, coaxial terminations, coaxial adapters, DC blocks, equalizers, amplifiers, power dividers, open & short circuits, and bias tees. USA.
  • Amplifonix
    Manufacturer of hybrid, bi-polar and GaAs FET low to medium power amplifiers, PIN diode, and GaAs FET switches, voltage controlled oscillators, voltage variable (analog) RF attenuators & linearizers, digital RF attenuators, dielectric resonator oscillators, temperature compensated detectors, RF Mixers, communication band mixers, octave band mixers, and frequency doublers. USA.
  • BroadWave Technologies, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures RF and Microwave coaxial components for communications systems, test and measurement, manufacturing, and medical applications. Product line includes attenuators (broadband, high power, and general purpose fixed attenuators), terminations, power dividers, couplers, RF detectors, impedance matching pads, adapters, and DC blocks. USA.
  • DAICO Industries, Inc.
    Manufacturer of switches, digital attenuators, voltage controlled attenuators, phase shifters & bi-phase modulators, bit/threshold detectors, narrow-band, broad-band and high-power amplifiers, control products and multi-function assemblies, products used in major satellite, radar, navigation, communications, electronic warfare, and missile systems applications. USA.
  • Flann Microwave Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of antennas, precision microwave components and test and measurement products operating between frequencies of 2 to 170GHz. Products include adaptors, antennas, attenuators, calibration kits, control processors, couplers, filters, frequency meters, phase changers, polarisers, radio products, switches and drivers, termination and transition products. UK.
  • JFW Industries
    Specializes in designing and manufacturing of passive RF components and application specific test systems. These components include solid-state and relay programmable attenuators, power dividers, variable attenuators, RF switches, and specialized test systems for use in the cellular, telecommunications, OEM test equipment, medical, automotive, defense, and automated test systems markets. USA.
  • MECA Electronics, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures an extensive line of RF/microwave components including fixed attenuators, directional & hybrid couplers, isolators/circulators, power divider/combiners, RF loads & DC blocks, for in-building applications, satellite communications, radar, radio communications, telemetry applications, mobile radio, aviation & air traffic communications. USA.
  • Merrimac Industries, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures RF microwave signal processing components, subsystem assemblies, and micro-multifunction modules, for the worldwide defense, satellite communications, commercial wireless and homeland security market segments. Products include microwave attenuators, variable attenuators, phase shifters, frequency doublers, bi-phase modulators, balanced mixers, directional couplers, power dividers / combiners. USA.

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