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Measuring transducers which are used to determine the mass or weight of an object are often called load cells. Load cells have long been used to measure the weight of loads. Load cells provide accurate measurements of compressive or tensile forces. Typically, the force creates a strain in the load cell, which is measured by strain gage transducers. A load cell includes a counterforce and at least one force transducer such as a strain gage. The counterforce is configured and disposed to support a load. Load cells often utilize a measurement beam which carries all or a part of the load to be measured and thus deforms as a function of the weight of the load.

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  • FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology
    Manufacturer and supplier of advanced load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors, signal conditioners, digital displays and portable sensor verification/calibration system utilizing strain gage and thin film technologies for a wide range of applications, including automation (robotics), computer, automotive, defense, medical, aerospace and material handling. USA.
  • Georg BŁttner GmbH & Co. KG
    Manufacturer of double bending beam load cells / load cells for tension and compression, compression load cells, shear beam load cells, single point load cells, analogue and digital single board amplifiers, weighing indicators, comfortable multi weigher dosing systems, modular multi weigher (dosing) systems, weighing terminals and Indicators for industrial weighing applications. Germany.
  • Honeywell International Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of pressure transducers (10 inches of water to 170,000 psi), load cells (25 gms to 3 million pounds) torque cells (0.02 in.-oz to 3000k in.-lb.), electronic sensor instrumentation, sensors for acceleration and position (LVDT's), accelerometers, and torque watch gauges. USA.
  • LCM Systems
    Designer and manufacturer of compression load cells, tension load cells, tension & compression load cells, beam load cells, load measuring shackles, load measuring pins, load monitoring links, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, linear displacement transducers, digital indicators, handheld indicators, amplifiers & conditioners, and radio telemetry. UK.
  • Load Cell Central
    Specializes in load cell manufacturing, custom weighing system integration, and first-class load cell repairs. Products include custom electronic weighing systems, interchangeable replacement load cells, custom load cells and weighing assemblies, special applications such as force measurement, center of gravity, or process and batching control by weight. USA.
  • Lufkin Automation
    Specializes in the development, manufacture, sales and service of electronic well automation equipment (tranducers, load cell, inclinometer) and the premier supplier of artificial lift optimization and training with emphasis on increasing profits for oil and gas producers through minimized operating costs and optimum production. USA.
  • Rice Lake Weighing Systems
    Designs, manufactures, and distributes balances, explosive environment, remote display, bench scales, floor scales, retail scales, calibration weights, indicators, checkweighers load cells & sensors, truck scales, livestock scales, railroad track scales, controllers and systems, mechanical scales, weigh modules, counting scales, and medical scales. USA.
  • Strain Measurement Devices
    Develops strain gauge sensors and load cells for a variety of applications. Load cells are used in medical, industrial, aerospace and other OEM markets. Pressure transducers are used in high accuracy and reliability applications such as pressure calibrators and undersea oil production applications. USA.

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