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A frequency converter is a device used to generate an adjustable alternating voltage by using a constant-frequency voltage. A frequency converter converts a signal in one frequency range to a signal in another frequency range. A frequency converter generates a useful output frequency which is the sum or difference of the input frequency and the frequency of another signal, usually derived from a local oscillator. A typical frequency converter device uses a mixer to down-convert or up-convert an input signal to an output signal. The most typical application of frequency converters is controlling motors in such a manner that an adjustable voltage is generated from the alternating voltage of a supply network to control the motor. Controlling the speed or torque of a motor with a frequency converter permits a substantially lossfree adjustment of the motor to the requirements of the working unit driven by said motor. By using frequency converters, the rotation speed of a controlled motor can be increased considerably above the nominal frequency of the motor. Frequency converter circuits are widely used in the electronics field and especially in the RF field. They are used for converting an RF signal, transmitted over the air medium, to a lower frequency signal suitable for demodulation in a receiver. Frequency converters are typically implemented as analog multiplier circuits and are used in many different applications such as modulators, demodulators, upconverters, downconverters and mixers.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : Frequency converters

  • AC Power Corp.
    Manufacturer and supplier of automatic voltage regulator, stabilizer, line power conditioner, ac power source, frequency converter, SCR, tape chagned AVR, line conditioner, DC power, inductive voltage stabilizer, microprecessor controled stabilizer, and programmable AC power source. Taiwan, China.
  • Aplab Limited
    Supplier of UPS, frequency converter, inverter, isolation transformer, function generators, oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, component tester, multimeters, programmable switch mode power supplies, linear power supplies, atabilizers / line conditioners & isolation transformers, DC uninterruptible power supply, high voltage surge wave tester. India.
  • Cross Technologies, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures custom and standard products for the satellite, broadcast, CATV, microwave, broadband, and wireless industries. Products include RF products to 14 GHz (test and conventional upconverters, downconverters, splitters, etc.), modems for subcarrier above video, and protection switches for digital and analog signals to 2 GHz. USA.
  • Lucix Corporation
    Designs and manufactures high performance, high reliability microwave and millimeter devices and subsystems. Products include frequency converters, dielectric resonator oscillators, low noise to medium power amplifiers for commercial, military and space applications. USA.
  • Pacific Power Source, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high quality AC power conversion equipment including high power frequency changers and programmable AC test power systems, programmable AC power sources, uninterruptible power sources, power line conditioners, frequency converters, programmable power test equipment, DC/AC power sources, current sources, and fully integrated ATE systems to the most exacting customer specifications. USA.
  • Power Systems & Controls
    Manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply, power conditioning systems, rotary frequency converter 10kVA to 2000kVA, 400/415Hz frequency converter for aircraft & computer, static frequency converter, synchronous condenser, capacitors, transient voltage suppression device, voltage regulators, programmable multi-detector, single phase TVSS, blown fuse indicator, small products repair, and isolation transformer. USA.
  • Riye Electric Co., Ltd.
    Designs, manufactures, markets and services static frequency converter, induction voltage regulator, electro-mechanical voltage regulator, ferro-resonant voltage regulator, DC power supply, transformers, and other power equipments for the stabilization and continuity of electrical power. Taiwan, China.
  • Teletronics International Inc.
    Designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of products and solutions for high-speed wireless broadband systems including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges and routers for ISP's wholesale, open access, high-speed, final 10-mile Internet protocol (IP) transport services. USA.
  • TEMCo Frequency Converter Division
    Manufacturer of 50Hz to 60Hz frequency converters, 60Hz to 50Hz frequency converters, 50Hz or 60Hz to 400Hz frequency converters, custom frequency converters, solid state vs rotary frequency converters, rotary phase converte, CNC phase converter, auto transformers, high voltage transformers, epoxy encapsolated NEMA 4 transformers, weatherproof NEMA 3R transformers. USA.

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