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Diode is one of the most fundamental constituent devices in electronic systems. Each diode has properties that resemble a switch and may serve as a rectifier. Diodes having a rectifying function are the most fundamental semiconductor elements or components, and various types of diodes are known which have different junction structures. A diode comprises a PN junction formed by joining a block of P-type semiconductor with a block of N-type semiconductor. Current rectification of most home electrical appliances often relies on the special properties of a diode. Schottky diodes have been used for many years in the semiconductor industry in, for example, electronic systems, such as amplifiers, receivers, control and guidance systems, power and signal monitors, and as rectifiers and clamps in RF circuits. PN junction diodes have been used as a protection element for preventing semiconductor devices from being destroyed due to electrostatic discharge (ESD), a surge voltage, or a surge current. Protection diodes are used to protect integrated circuits, particularly CMOS circuits, from damage caused by electrostatic discharge. The light-emitting diode (LED) has advantages such as long lifetime, small size, low heat generation, low power consumption, high response speed, monochromic lighting ability, etc. and has been widely used in applications such as computer peripherals, clock displays, display panels, and many other 3C (computer, communication and consumer) products. Semiconductor laser diodes have been used as a pumping light source for optical fiber amplifiers and as a signal light source in the fiber optic systems. An electrode is a conductor through which electrical energy may pass when a circuit is completed, and is used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit (e.g. a semiconductor, an electrolyte or a vacuum). In an electrode, current enters or leaves an electrolytic cell at which there is a change from conduction by electrons to conduction by charged particles of matter or vice versa.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : Diodes and electrodes

  • Aeroflex / Metelics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of InGap HBT amplifiers, SRD (step recovery diodes) and tuning varactors, chip capacitors, RF/microwave components and subassemblies, pin diode chips and beam leads for switch & attenuator applications, schottky diodes for RF and microwave mixers, sampling bridges, limiters, and fast switches. USA.
  • Barloworld Scientific Ltd.
    Manufacturer of pH / ISE meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, electrodes and consumables, flame photometer, fluorimeter, colorimeter and chloride meters, spectrophotometers, hotplate/stirrers, thermometers & sensors, pH meters, and conductivity meters. Applications for the products include areas such as food manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, water related and educational markets. UK.
  • Crystalonics
    Manufacturer of a broad line of small signal transistors, JFETs (junction field effect transistors), dual and quad transistors, power transistors, current regulator diodes, varactor diodes (tuning and hyper-abrupt), and thick and thin film hybrids in traditional and surface mount packaging for industrial, military, and space applications. USA.
  • Knox Semiconductor, Inc.
    Manufacturer of military and commercial diodes including military QML devices/high end industrial devices/SCDs, leaded glass diodes, plastic surface mount devices, chip/die for hybrid circuits, special and custom devices, obsolete or hard to find varactor diode replacements in DO-7 glass, TO-92, SOT-23 and other package styles and configurations. USA.
  • pHoenix Electrode Company
    Specializes in manufacturing pH, ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), conductivity, oxygen and ion selective electrodes (ISEs) designed for sewage treatment, swimming pool, agriculture, education, food processing, geology and mining, metallurgy and metal plating, pharmaceuticals, steam and power generation applications. USA.
  • Sensorex Corporation
    Manufacturer of pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, conductivity sensors, dissolved oxygen probes, chlorine dioxide sensors, free chlorine sensors, flat surface self cleaning industrial pH electrodes, dissolved oxygen sensor line, and other specialty analytical electrochemical sensors as well as a full line of sensor. USA.
  • Vermed, Inc.
    Manufactures a full line of high quality medical sensors and electrodes for use in all medical physiological measurement applications. Designs custom sensors and custom electrodes for any medical application. Ooffers recording chart paper, skin prepatory supplies, and cables and leadwires. USA.

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