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A delay line is used to produce a number of digital signals, each one delayed in time with respect to each other. Delay lines serve a variety of functions within digital systems. Delay lines provide fixed delays and phase shifts that can perform a variety of signal processing functions. Delay lines are important components in many microwave and radio frequency (RF) circuits. Delay lines are frequently used to adjust timing inconsistencies at complex circuitry mounted to complex printed circuit boards that operate at ever increasing higher frequencies. Delay lines are used in digital circuits such as board level systems and integrated circuit (IC) devices, including field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and microprocessors, to control the timing of various signals in the digital circuits. Digital devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and personal computers are utilized to conveniently handle digital information. When the digital device processes, exchanges, and distributes digital information, the digital device requires triggers generated from a clock signal to process digital data that are sequentially transmitted. A semiconductor integrated circuit accepts an external signal, and outputs an output signal after carrying out processing according to the input signal. Timing relative to an external input signal according to which an output signal is provided is therefore critical. To achieve changes in the delay, some delay lines add or subtract delay elements to achieve different delay times, or adjust the corresponding delay elements in a delay line chain to obtain the desired delay time. A delay line generally comprises a circuit device that imparts a fixed or sometimes variable delay to an input waveform. Delay lines generally consist of a set of smaller delay elements stacked one after another to form a longer delay line.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : Delay lines

  • Allen Avionics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of precision LC filters and electro-magnetic delay lines for the electronics industry. Products include video hum and noise eliminators, analog & digital delay lines, offset marking machine, video delay lines, video filters, brickwall low pass filters, general purpose delay lines, and audio ground loop isolation transformers. USA.
  • Data Delay Devices, Inc.
    Designer, developer and manufacturer of analog and digital delay lines, as well as delay line application modules and filters. Products range from the simplest delay lines of fixed delay, tapped delay and trimmer delay to the most sophisticated digitally programmable delay lines, digitally programmable pulse generators, dynamic memory timers, gated oscillators and pulse controllers. USA.
  • Engineered Components Company
    Manufacturer and supplier of DIP L-C passive delay line, SIP L-C passive delay line, low profile CMOS compatible precision voltage regulator module, 1-3 cell battery voltage booster/regulator module, low profile CMOS compatible memory power source selector modules, frequencey multiplier modules, logic delay lines, programmable logic delay lines, pulse generator modules, noise filter modules, square wave generator modules, and timing modules. USA.
  • Faraday Technology Limited
    Designer and manufacturer of SMD delay lines, TCD delay lines, adjustable video delay lines, HDTV delay lines, anti-aliasing filters, bandpass filters, COFDM filters, cable clones, converter cards, equalisers, general purpose filters, hum bucker, spliters, xformers, and open board signal converter products. USA.
  • Polara Engineering
    Manufacturer of electromagnetic delay lines and electromagnetic components such as distributed and lumped constant delay lines, passive lines, active lines, IF-RF and filtering inductors, isolation and pulse transformers, and air and self-supported coils that are used in the military, medical, industrial and commercial markets. USA.
  • Susumu Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of SMD thin-film delay lines, SIP thin-film delay lines, thin film L.C.R filters, power choke coil, Pt-film thermalsensors, high-precision chip attenuators, thermal sensitive chip attenuators, high precision power splitter, equalizer, thin-film chip inductors, chip capasitors, high-integration chip array resistors, network resistors, and ultra-small chip resistors for RF circuit. Japan.
  • Thin Film Technology Corporation
    Designs, and manufactures signal integrity solutions including delay lines both differential and single, equalizers for cable and backplane equalization, filters for signal conditioning, termination networks, precision resistors, inductors, and capacitors. Products are utilized in applications ranging from signal conditioning, compensation networks, equalization & de-emphasis, timing & deskew, to a myriad of other applications. USA.

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