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A video wall consists of a plurality of individual video display units, usually standard television monitors, either of the direct-view or projection type, that are placed with their viewing screens adjacent to each other in a two-dimensional array. Large video walls are often designed for information display purposes, including public performances and public events. A video wall is commonly comprised of several smaller rear projection screen panels. Each panel of the video wall then receives a portion of the overall picture resulting in an enlarged total image. Typically, the screens are held in place by integral frame members which must support the weight of each screen to prevent warpage of the lower screens.

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  • Benson Int'l Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of full-color LED display and videowall with the virtual dynamic-pixel (VDP) technology for indoor and outdoor use, moving message LED panel board, and LED lighting OEM units and products. Hong Kong, China.
  • Gundermann Mikroelektronik GmbH
    Manufacturer of videowalls of all technologies, provides indoor and outdoor displays , ledwalls and flatscreens. Offers ledwall systems with 6, 8 and 10 mm pixel pitch for indoor and outdoor applications. Germany.
  • Media Technologies
    Specialises in the design and manufacture of videowall equipment, videowall processor supporting composite-video and s-video display monitors used in subways, shopping malls, museums, nightclubs, galleries, theme parks, theatres, TV studios, advertising displays, on the road with rock bands, and many others. Monitors supported include consumer and professional LCD and Plasma panels, conventional CRT monitors, cubes, projectors and even consumer TVs. UK.

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