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Public address systems are employed for the purpose of amplifying the reproduction of sound or allowing a speaker to be heard above background noise and/or by a large group of people. They are commonly employed in large areas to make announcements or otherwise orally communicate with a large group of people in the same general location. Most of these systems include a plurality of speakers which are substantially used as point sound sources. A typical public address system includes a signal source that generates a speech signal, loudspeakers, and a transmission system that carries the speech signal from the source to the loudspeaker.

Listings on Presentation equipment : Public address systems

  • Accent Electronics
    Manufacturer and exporter of public address systems, amplifiers, microphones, speakers, loudspeakers, conference systems, audio mixers, portable PA, cassette player and cassette recorder, and other PA equipments, for use in commercial buildings, mass transit areas, industrial manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, civic buildings, hospitals, airports, stadiums, arenas, malls, shopping centers, hotels, schools, pools, recreational places and other facilities. India.
  • Alpha Electronics Co.
    Manufactures a complete range of public address, congress conference system and sound reinforcement equipments such as amplifiers, microphones, speakers, sound box, sound columns, drivers and horns, and audio mixers. Offers variety of solutions from simple and stand alone sound reinforcement equipment for small businesses, shops, sound hires and community halls, to more versatile public address and security system for sports and recreation centers to large complex installation to religious places, department stores, hotels, factories, hospitals, bus stands, railway stations and airports. India.
  • BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter specializing in public address systems, including digitally multi-functional PA broadcasting control device, public address control system, wall speaker, ceiling speaker, pendent ball speaker, horn speaker, conference system, language system, and amplifiers. Taiwan, China.
  • Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of public address (PA) systems, including intelligent PA series, MAG multimedia PA systems, addressable PA systems, network PA systems, amplifiers, conference systems, indoor/outdoor speakers, ceiling speakers, horn speakers, microphones, volume controllers and other related accessories. China.
  • Tele-Net Engineers
    Engaged in designing, engineering and manufacturing of different products for interplant communication. Products include public address system, plant communication system, intrinsically safe explosion proof flame proof telephone, weatherproof telephone, integrated PA & intercom system, and integrated industrial communication system. India.
  • Yulong Electronic Technology
    Manufacturer of public address systems, digital control intelligent PA systems, power amplifiers, PA indoor speakers, ceiling speakers, pendant speakers, projection speakers, column speakers, horn speakers, rock and garden speakers, multi functional meeting system, microphones, industrial standard cabinets, and megaphones. China.

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