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Projectors are utilized in a variety of environments. From home theaters to business presentations, projectors are provided to offer a wide range of functionality to consumers. Image projection systems may be used to display a still or video image, and to enable the image to be viewed simultaneously by a large or small audience. In a projection system, imaging light emitted from a projector is projected on a projection screen, and viewers observe the light reflected from the projection screen as an image. A screen useful for displaying a projected image may be as simple as a reflective surface. Projection screens used for projector units are fell into two types: a transmission type and and a reflection type. A reflective type screen comprising a reflective layer which reflects light from a projector and a diffusion layer which diffuses the reflected light has been used as a screen for overhead projectors, slide projectors, and motion-picture projectors. In a transmission screen, projection lights are illuminated from the rear side of the projection screen and seen at the front side.

Listings on Presentation equipment : Projection screens

  • Da-Lite Screen Company
    Manufactures a wide variety of projection screens, primarily used for professional presentations and home theaters. Products include electric screens, manual wall and ceiling screens, fixed frame screens, portable and tripod screens, rear projection screens, portable screens, carts and stands, monitor mounts, oravisual easels, multi-media support furniture, and lecterns. USA.
  • Draper Inc.
    Manufacturer of front projection screens, rear projection screens, home theatre, projector mounts and lifts, plasma mounts and lifts, flat panel display mounts, basketball backstops, backboards and goals, football goals, gym equipment, soccer goals and volleyball equipment, window shades, and conference room furnishings. USA.
  • Herma Technologies
    Manufactures a wide range of projection screens and projector mounts. Products include custom built rear projection products for the corporate environment, LP Morgan range of home theatre projection screens and projector mounting solutions, and the consumer range of gv Grandview products. Australia.
  • HoloDisplays
    Manufacturer, fabricator, and designer of leading edge projection screens and displays. Developers of embedded optics technology (EOT) for front and rear high performance projections screens that create dynamic visual energy and vivid images. USA.
  • Vutec Corporation
    Manufacturer of video projection screens, The company’s SilverStar, Vision X and Vutec video projection screens and accessories are designed for home, commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide. Products include wall, ceiling, desktop and floor projection screens, multi function carts, overhead projector, motorized art masking system, fixed frame high gain, high contrast screen, retractable wall or ceiling mount screen, rear projection system, ceiling or table projector lifts. USA.

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