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Projectors are utilized in many aspects of modern life. From home theaters to business presentations, projectors are provided to offer a wide range of functionality to consumers. A projector may provide a display of a slide show on a screen, a display of a movie in a home theater setting, and so on. Slot load motion picture projectors are a species of projector which have a slot formed in the projector structure for edge wise loading of the film into the projector mechanism. A projector may be configured for use in home theater setting to provide an output of movies and television programs. To provide the output, the projector may be mounted to the ceiling in the home theater setting for a display of the output on a screen. A movie projector for projecting a motion pictur comprises a light source, a mechanical film stage and projection optics. The light source emits a light ray bundle which illuminates positive images on a film guided transversely to the light propagation direction of the light ray bundle. The illuminated positive images are projected onto a screen by the projection optics.

Listings on Presentation equipment : Movie projectors

  • Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc.
    Designs, develops, manufactures and distributes commercial motion picture equipment, lighting systems and restaurant equipment. Products include motion picture projectors, xenon lamphouses and power supplies, sound systems, film-handling equipment, xenon lamps and lenses, follow spotlights, stationary searchlights and computer operated lighting systems, replacement parts and the sale of seasonings, marinades and barbeque sauces. USA.
  • InFocus Corporation
    Provider of digital projection products, including portable or meeting room DLP and LCD digital projectors for professional, business presentations; DLP projectors or LCD digital home theatre projectors optimized for gaming, movies and HDTV; DLP projectors and LCD projectors for lecture halls, auditoriums and classroom presentations. Also offers commercial and consumer thin display products. USA.
  • Runco International, Inc.
    Manufacturer of home theater products including cinema projector, digital light processing (DLP) projector, flat-panel plasma monitor, LCD displays, vedio processors, and signal enhancers. USA.

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