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LCD projectors have been widely used in business applications typically for business presentations, educational sessions, etc. Liquid crystal display panels have a number of advantages that make them useful in optical projectors, especially projectors for displaying computer generated images and portable projectors. A LCD projector includes one or more transmissive liquid crystal displays as light valves that control light from an illumination system to form display images that are directed to the display screen by projection optics. Typically, a liquid crystal based display device may include an illumination source, a plurality of liquid crystal display panels arranged in a stack, and focusing optics for imaging a composite display generated by the panels on an image surface. Conventional liquid crystal display systems include a mosaic of color selective filters positioned over the liquid crystal display element to separate the white light into its constituent color components to render a full color display. Many color LCD projectors typically have one color LCD, such as an active matrix or passive matrix liquid crystal display, that controls red, green and blue spectral components of light to form a display image. Color liquid crystal display projectors generate display images and project them onto display screens. The display images may be formed by transmitting light from a high-intensity source of polychromatic or white light through a liquid crystal display (LCD). LCD projectors frequently are positioned on a table, cart, or other flat surface below the viewers' line-of-sight to the display screen.

Listings on Presentation equipment : LCD projectors

  • Dukane Corporation
    Global manufacturer and marketer of audio visual equipment and presentation projectors, and ultrasonic plastic assembly systems and plastic joining equipment, and underwater location devices. USA.
  • Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.
    Supplies an extensive line of professional presentation and front-projection home entertainment display systems, products include high-brightness DLP, LCD projectors and LCD monitors, projector accessories (replacement lamps, optional lens, ceiling mounts, remote controls, hard shell cases, soft shell cases, front projection screens, LCD monitor accessories).
  • SANYO North America Corporation
    Manufacturer of LCD projectors including large fixed projectors, fixed projectors, portable projectors, micro-mobile projectors, wide XGA/screen (16:9) digital multimedia projector, large-screen rear-projection monitor, multimedia monitors, network accessories, lenses and optional input boards.

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