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A common approach for conveying information such as marketing information, sales demonstrations, technical information, or other business information is through a live presentation to an audience. One of the applications to which computers have been put is that of a presentation assisting device. Computerized presentations are an effective method of presenting information in an informative and polished manner. Personal computers, especially laptop computers, as well as other image projection and display equipment have greatly increased the ability of a presenter to communicate effectively and transfer large amounts of information in a face-to-face meeting. Image projection systems are becoming increasingly popular for conducting sales demonstrations, business meetings, and classroom instruction. Projectors are utilized in many aspects of modern life. From home theaters to business presentations, projectors are provided to offer a wide range of functionality to consumers. Image display projectors generate display images and project them onto display screens, typically for viewing by multiple persons or viewers. Projectors are generally devices that integrate light sources, optics systems, electronics, and displays for projecting images from computers or video devices onto walls or screens, for large-image viewing. When making a presentation in a lecture or the like using a liquid crystal display projector, a laser pointer which projects a laser beam onto a screen and indicates a point of interest on the screen is often used.

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