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A voltage regulator is a switching power supply that supplies a steady, typically low, voltage to a load. Voltage regulators, such as DC to DC converters, are used to provide stable voltage sources for electronic systems. Voltage regulators regulate the external power supplied to the internal circuitry so that the current usage or quiescent power is efficient. Typically, a voltage regulator is used for supplying an output voltage with a regulated voltage level from a DC voltage source by appropriately controlling a duty cycle of a power switch transistor. Switching voltage regulators are known to be an efficient type of DC to DC converter. A switching regulator generates an output voltage by converting an input DC voltage into a high frequency voltage, and filtering the high frequency voltage to generate the output DC voltage. A voltage regulator maintains a level output voltage despite variations in power supply voltage or current drawn by a load. These regulators typically output a relatively high voltage. The high voltage regulators use a transformer or possibly another similar device to increase the supply voltage to the desired high voltage for driving the load. Applications of these high voltage regulators include charging a photoflash capacitor, such as those commonly used in cameras. Low dropout voltage regulators are widely used building blocks in almost any electronic application. They adapt an external power supply to the needs of the supplied circuit. In portable applications as in mobile phones a main requirement for the voltage regulator is a low dropout voltage and a good stability over a large range of capacitive loads. Central processing unit (CPU) voltage regulators receive one voltage and supply a second voltage to a processor, also known as a microprocessor. A CPU voltage regulator may supply 1-2 volts to the microprocessor from a 12-volt input.

Listings on Power supplies : Voltage regulators

  • Basler Electric Company
    Manufacturer of voltage regulators, industrial synchronizers and relays, generator/genset control devices, numerical relays, protective relays, static exciter systems, power system stabilizers, class 2 transformers, intermediate power transformers, large power transformers, and low voltage PC board mounted transformers. USA.
  • Controlled Power Company
    Manufacturer of voltage regulators (industrial power purifier, power processor, power commander, power delegator), DC power supplies ranging from 6VDC-1000VDC and 35A-24,000A DC output, emergency lighting inverters, K-rated isolation transformers, power conditioning and protection equipment for medical modalities, power distribution units, and uninterruptible power systems (UPS). USA.
  • IXYS Corporation
    Develops and markets power semiconductors and control ICs that are used in controlling and converting electrical power efficiently in power systems for telecommunications infrastructure, motor drives, medical systems and transportation. Also serves emerging markets with a combination of digital and analog integrated circuits to control flat panel displays, medical instruments and telecommunications products. Products include non-switchable DC current regulators, switchable DC current regulators, gate controlled current limiter, power MOSFETs, BIMOSFETS, IGBTs, discrete thyristors and diodes, ultrafast reverse recovery diodes, gallium arsenide diodes, and multi-chip power modules. USA.
  • OnLine Power Incorporated
    Manufacturer of medical power products and tap switching regulators, also offers custom distribution systems, power conditioner, UPS central lighting inverter, packaged power supplies, harsh environment UPS and regulator systems, monitoring systems, standard and battery-less UPS and automatic voltage regulators. USA.
  • Samlex America
    Manufacturer of AC-DC linear power supply, AC-DC switching power supply, AC-DC industrial switching power supply, AC-DC adjustable power supply, DC-AC modified sine wave iInverter, DC-AC pure sine wave inverter, battery chargers, DC-DC converters, voltage regulators, radio cover, adapter, remote controls, power modules, and mounting brackets. Canada.
  • Volterra Semiconductor Corporation
    Designs, develops and markets analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors for the computing, storage, networking and consumer markets. Products include integrated voltage regulator semiconductors and scalable voltage regulator semiconductor chipsets that are used to transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by digital semiconductors, such as microprocessors, graphics processors, digital signal processors and memory. USA.

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