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Power resistors are used to control electrical current or voltage by dissipating electrical power. Power resistors find broad application across a variety of system types and applications. Power resistors are roughly classified into metal resistors, metal oxide resistors, and nonmetal resistors. Metal oxide resistor materials have a high heat resistance, good withstand voltage current properties, and a high energy resistance.  A resistor may have either a fixed resistance or a variable resistance. Variable resistance power resistors are useful in applications in which the ability to conveniently adjust current flow or voltage is desirable. In many electric motor applications, power resistors are used as braking loads for the motors. Iin frequency converters, power resistors are used in snubber circuits that protect high-power switching devices by suppressing voltage and current spikes arising from line switching actions. Variable resistance power resistors are used as as dimmer controls in lighting circuits, as components in automobile ignition circuits and test equipment, and in other applications.

Listings on Power supplies : Power resistors

  • Avtron Manufacturing, Inc.
    Manufacturer of neutral grounding resistors, grid resistors, edgewound resistors, wirewound resistors, helidyne resistors, permanent load banks, portable load banks, radiator and duct mount load banks, reactive load banks, electrical test equipment, hydraulic test equipment, development test lab equipment, fuel component test equipment, hose and impulse test equipment, aircraft meters, AC and DC drives and systems home, speed/length measurement devices, encoders and tachometers. USA
  • Bourns, Inc.
    Supplier of bipolar transistors, brake wear sensors, chip arrays, chip resistors, comfort sensors, customer premise station protectors, diode arrays, fuel cards, fuel level sensors, gas discharge tubes inductors, integrated front panels, linear motion potentiometers, low voltage transistors, polymer PTC resettable fuses, hybrid protectors, network interface devices, pedal position sensors, RF power resistors, schottky barrier diodes, silicon controlled rectifiers, switches, throttle position sensors, thyristor surge protectors, and trimming potentiometers.
  • Enapros
    Manufacturer of aluminium housed chassis mounted wire wound resistors, aluminium housed metal clad braking resistors, ceramic encased wire wound resistor, coiled wire resistors, high wattage wire wound resistors, high power slim-type aluminium housed resistor, silicon coated axial end wire wound resistors, silicon coated wirewound resistors, high power resistors, and high power wire grid resistors. India.
  • ITT, Power Solutions
    Supplier of night vision image intensification high voltage power supplies, custom high- and low-voltage supplies, ceramic channel electron multipliers, precision metal oxide high voltage cylindrical resistors, precision metal oxide high voltage flat resistors, and precision metal oxide high voltage power resistors. USA.
  • Ohmite Mfg. Co.
    Manufacturer of surface mount resistors, high voltage chip resistors, precision current sense resistors, miniature molded wirewound resistors, tubular resistors, high current oval edgewound resistors, heliohm wirewound resistors, carbon & ceramic composition resistors, thick film power resistors, heat sinkable thick film power resistors, precision resistors and dividers, metal alloy film resistors, inductors, audio indicators, rheostats, and tap switches. USA.
  • Powerohm Resistors, Inc.
    Manufacturer of power resistor products including case resistors, smoothwound resistors, ventwound resistors, wirewound resistors, edgewound resistors, grid and ribbon resistors, used for light-duty braking of variable frequency drives, small horsepower motor control, space heaters and any low wattage, load banks and neutral grounding applications. USA.
  • Precision Electronic Components MFG. Co.
    Manufacturer of 0.5W to 500W wirewound power resistors, 0.1W to 2W high precision high stability wirewound resistors, 0.005 to 0.075 Ohms at 1%,5% noninductive moulded & ceramic encased resistors, 1W to 7W wirewound ceramic resistors with built in circuit breakers to protect equipment, 16mm plastic case potentiometers with polymer tracks resistance element, 250V AC/DC rotary selector switch for fan regulator applications, and optimum resistors for their inrush and surge related circuit conditions. India.
  • SRT Resistor Technology GmbH
    Manufacturer of high voltage leaded resistors, power resistors, miniature chip inductors, ceramic multilayer capacitors, temperature sensors, miniature precision resistor, resistor tracks for potentiometers and variable resistors, high power chip resistors, trimmable chip resistors, and metal oxide resistors. Germany.
  • Tepro-Vamistor
    Manufacturer of power resistors, precision resistors, metal film resistors, carbon film resistors, chassis mount resistors, zero ohm jumpers, surface mount resistors, wirewound resistors, line feed protectors, current shunt resistors chip resistors, resistor networks, high voltage resistors, and thick film resistors. USA.

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