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Rectifiers are electrical devices that are particularly adapted to rectifying current by converting alternating current to direct current. Power supplies are known to employ switching type power converters to provide a step-down rectified voltage to an electrical load. Semiconductor devices are increasingly required to accommodate high currents and/or high voltages without failing. Power rectifiers provide the high current and reverse blocking characteristics needed for such a high power application. The most common rectifiers are semiconductor diodes, i.e., diodes which employ a PN semiconductor diode junction for rectification. Power rectifiers exhibit a very low resistance to current flow when forward-biased and a very high resistance to current flow when reverse-biased. Power semiconductor rectifiers have a variety of applications including applications in power supplies and voltage converters. Power rectifiers are used in DC to DC voltage converters and power supplies for personal computers and other electronic devices and systems. AC to DC electrical power rectifiers are used in a wide variety of applications, including power supplies for various types of electrical equipment and in motor drives. Self-synchronized rectifiers generally refer to rectifiers using MOSFET rectifying devices having control gates which are themselves controlled by the voltages of the secondary winding of the power transformer in order to provide the rectification of the output of the transformer.

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  • Argus Technologies
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of DC power products for wireless, fiber, broadband, PCS, traditional telephony and customer premise applications. Products include outdoor power enclosures, complete DC power systems, rectifiers, DC-DC converters, DC UPS equipment, and a variety of electronic components (monitoring/control panels, distribution centers, fuse/breaker panels). Canada.
  • GD Rectifiers Ltd.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of selenium rectifiers and transient voltage suppressors for power control applications. Products include bridge rectifers, voltage regulators, AC motor starters & energy optimizers, AC inverters, selenium rectifiers, and selenium transient voltage suppressors. UK.
    Produces single phase and three phases AC input and output chargers and rectifiers, AC and/or DC No break systems, transformer-rectifier for cathodic protection in various voltage and current ranges, single phase and three phase variables transformers, electroplating and anodizing transformer-rectifier with microprocessor based current controller, high voltage and high power rectifiers, electrical system of drilling rigs, and air pollution system. Iran.
  • Magnetool, Inc.
    Manufacturer of multilifts, magnetic sweepers, magnetic filters, magnet material, electromagnets, rectifier controllers, demagnetizers, permanent magnet chucks, electromagnetic chucks, magnetic coolant cleaners, magnetic sine plates, and custom built devices. USA.

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