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Electrical power supplied for residential applications is single phase alternating current power. With the proliferation of electrically powered devices and systems, there is an increasing need to accurately and precisely measure and monitor the quality of the electrical power supplying these devices and systems. To measure the consumption of electricity in residential applications, a utility power meter is provided at the electrical service entrance to the residence. Electric power meters are used by utility service providers for measuring the amount of electrical power consumed by a residential or industrial customer. Electricity meters track among other things, the amount of energy consumed, typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kwh), at each customer's facility. Power meters typically consist of a power measurement apparatus for measuring power consumption and a gauge that is visible on the outside of the power meter for showing the amount of electrical power consumed. Customers are billed by the utility companies based on periodic readings of the electric power meter, indicating electrical power already used. There are of three types of power meters, including electromechanical based meters, purely electronic component based meters, and hybrid electromechanical/electronic meters.

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  • Arbiter Systems, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures electronic timing, test and measurement equipment for the global power Industries, specializing in portable calibrators, meters, and GPS timing frequency products. Products include reference current transformer, power system analyzer, panel meter calibrator, combustible gas meter, three phase power meter, distribution amplifier, environment monitor, and assembled test leads. USA.
  • Boonton Electronics
    Manufacturer of test equipment dedicated to measuring the power of RF and microwave systems used in both military and commercial sectors. Products include impedance measuring instruments, audio analyzers, peak power meters, RF power meters, calibrators, RF volt meters, capacitance, meters, modulation analyzers, audio analyzers, peak power sensors, and CW sensors. USA.
  • Electro Industries/GaugeTech
    Specializes in power meters, power measurement, energy meters and power analyzer technology. Products include revenue monitor, single function power meters, multifunction switchboard power meters and transducers, portable power analyzers, portable data logger, power brick power supply, 16 port com switch, optical reader, and current and voltage transformers. USA.
  • Netech Corporation
    Designing, manufacturing, and distributing biomedical and industrial test instruments including defibrillator analyzers, electrical safety analyzers, gas flow meters, laser meters, light meters, NIBP simulators, pacemaker analyzers, patient simulators, pressure meters, sound level meter, Spo2 simulator, tachometers, thermometers, and ultrasound power meters. USA.
  • Power Measurement
    Manufacturer of enterprise energy management software, intelligent revenue meter, 3-phase power meter, analyzer and controller, high visibility energy and power quality meter, compact power and energy meter, wireless metering system, intelligent metering device, current probes, socket meter adapters, instrument transformers, shorting blocks and terminal block assemblies.
  • Solcon Industries Ltd.
    Manufacturer of soft-starters (comprehensive line, up to 3 MW in low voltage and 30 MW in medium voltage), motor protection and control relays for AC asynchronous motors, and control systems for electrical automation including thyristor controlled power supplies, power meters, capacitor controllers, generator control/protection systems and restarting relays. Israel.
  • TEGAM Inc.
    Manufacturer of electronic test and measurement equipment for metrology, calibration, and production test. Products include micro-ohmmeters, ohm meters, LCR meters / impedance bridges, function generators, arbitrary wave generators, MEMS driver systems, MEMS/NEMS driver solutions, accelerometer power systems, high voltage amplifiers, power amplifiers, safety volt meters, motor rotation & phase testers, humidity & temp transmitters, humidity & temp controllers, thermocouple thermometers, RTD & thermistor thermometers, thermocouple probes, RTD probes, and thermistor probes. USA.

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