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An electrical power converter is a device for processing electrical power from one form into another form that meets the requirements of an electrical system. Power inverters serve to invert a DC voltage into a corresponding AC voltage by turning on and off the DC voltage using the switching devices in a time division manner. A power inverter converts DC to AC by passing a succession of variable amplitude DC pulses through a filter circuit. These DC pulses transport energy stored in a large capacitor, or other DC source, to a filter circuit. Power inverters which convert DC to AC are used in a wide variety of mobile and fixed locations, including boats, recreational vehicles, trucks, automobiles, construction sites, factories, remote homes and cabins. Inverters can provide power for items such as refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, coffee makers, toasters, and so on. A power converter typically includes an inverter circuit, which is packed in a one-chip integrated circuit (IC) device to meet the demand for reduction in size. A power inverter includes in its output stage a plurality of pairs of power transistors for driving a variable-speed multiple-phase motor in accordance with a pulse width modulation (PWM) drive technique.

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  • Amtex Electronics
    Manufacturer and supplier of dc/dc converters and power supply products including ac/dc power supplies, dc/dc converters, battery chargers, laboratory power supplies, and dc/ac inverters. Offers facilities to customise power supply solutions to customers' specifications. Australia.
  • Analytic Systems
    Manufacturer of DC-DC voltage converters, DC-AC power inverters, AC-DC power supplies, DC & AC source battery chargers, frequency converters, inverter-chargers, pure sinewave inverters, AC/DC power supplies, configurable and custom power solutions. Canada.
  • Applied Power Systems, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures advanced power conversion systems, power controls, power semiconductor assemblies, solid state contactors and snubber boards. APS also produces a complete line of high power semiconductor assemblies and rectifier bridges. USA.
  • Behlman
    Manufacturer of pure sine wave output inverters, modified sine wave output inverters, DC inverter, frequency converter, uninterruptible power source, switching frequency converter, AC power source for oil exploration tools, rail road signal source, dual input inverter, COTS (commercial off the shelf) and MCOTS (modified COTS) products. USA.
  • Beta Dyne Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of power products and specializes in high voltage, high power density and low noise DC/DC converter, switching regulators, function generators, ring generators, and switching regulators. Also offers comprehensive design & manufacturing services to create custom solutions. USA.
  • CE+T s.a.
    Manufacturer of power inverters (DC/AC inverters, modular parallel inverter and standalone inverter), static inverter power supplies, DC/DC conversion products and AC power solutions, used in many fields including telecommunications, automotive, industrial, rail, solar, fuel-cell and many other applications. Belgium.
  • Delta Electronics, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures and markets power supplies, telecom power systems and board mountable dc/dc converters for telecommunications, information technology (IT), network technology, office communications, industrial automation and medical technology. Products include DC power systems, AC power systems, outdoor systems, rectifiers, inverters, controllers, converters, UPS, and board mountable DC/DC converters. Taiwan, China.
  • Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd.
    Produces linear DC regulated power supplies, switching mode power supplies, open Frame Power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, PV charge controllers, lead-acid battery chargers, power transformers and PCB assemblies. Design and manufacture of custom power supply for specific application and operating environment, special power converters (power converters for sub-zero temperature operating condition, inverters with high frequency output AC). Hong Kong, China.
  • Power Bright
    Develops and manufactures 12 volt & 24 volt DC to AC power inverters in both modified & pure sine wave, and step up & down 110V-220V voltage transformers. Products include 12 volt inverters, 24 volt inverters, 220 volt inverters, inverter cables, battery chargers, voltage regulators, surge protectors, phone adapters, Japan transformers, and plug adapters. Canada.
  • Pylon Electronics Inc.
    Makes AC and DC power products, copper and fiber cable assemblies, instrumentation for the detection and measurement of radon and thoron progeny, and supplies calibration support services and products. Products include power inverters, battery chargers, ringing generators, DC/DC converters, fiber optic and copper cable assemblies. Canada.
  • Vanner, Incorporated
    Manufacturer of DC to AC power inverters, battery monitors, battery chargers and other power conversion products, used in utility vehicles, emergency vehicles, mtorcoaches and transit buses, recreational vehicles, marine vessels, alternative and renewable energy systems, utility, telecom and UPS battery backup sites. USA.
  • Victron Energy bv
    Manufacturer and supplier of sinewave inverters, sinewave inverters/chargers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors, diode battery isolators, FET battery isolators, and isolation transformers. The Netherlands.

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