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A chip inductor is divided into an inductor for a signal line and an inductor for a power line. Inductors are circuit elements that operate based on magnetic fields. The source of the magnetic field is charge that is in motion, or current. Inductors can be used in a wide variety of circuits. Power inductors receive a relatively high DC current, for example up to about 100 Amps, and may operate at relatively high frequencies. Inductors are frequently connected in series between electrical switch yards or generating equipment and a relatively high voltage electrical power line.

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  • API Delevan
    Manufacturer of surface mount and thru-hole inductors, chokes and coils, includng surface mount shielded power choke, magnetically shielded surface mount power inductor, common mode choke / isolation transformer, and EMI/RFI suppressors. USA.
  • C&D Technologies (DATEL), Inc.
    Manufacturer of dc-dc converters, ac-dc power supplies, digital panel meters, dual winding inductors, surface mount inductors, bobbin format inductors, dual and quad data-bus isolators, pulse transformers, converter transformers, transformers for audio digital transmission, A/D converters, digital-to-analog converters, single-package data acquisition, multiplexers, and amplifiers. USA.
  • CEC International Holdings Ltd.
    Produces a range of electronic components applicable to audio-visual, telecommunication, home electrical appliances, toys, computers, office equipment, automobiles, lighting facilities and power-supply devices. Products include sealed power inductors, wire wound chip inductors, SMD power inductors, fixed inductors, alarm coils, antenna coils, balun coils, solenoid coils, electric charger, electrolytic capacitor, audio filters, clamp filters for cable, AM ceramic filters, and EMI suppressors. Hong Kong, China.
  • CWS Coil Winding Specialist
    Designs and supplies hign current chokes, high current differential choke, common mode choke, high current rod choke, iron powder line filter choke, output inductor MPP core, sendust cores, koolmu cores, balun cores, SMPS transformer, toroidal transformer, toroidal choke pot core transformer, pot core transformer, EMI / RFI filters, current sense transformers, surface mount inductors, and laminated power transformer. USA.
  • Empro Technology Corporation
    Developer and manufacturer of power high frequency transformer, SMT power inductors, SMD DC/DC transformer for DSC and LCD TV application, smoke-fire detector, energy saving lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, LED lighting products, and inverters. Taiwan, China.
  • MoxiE Inductor Corporation
    Factory direct manufacturer of surface-mount multilayer chip beads, multilayer power chip inductors, multilayer ceramic chip inductor, shielded beads, EMI beads, leaded commom mode choke, leaded RF chokes, leaded choke coils, radial leaded drum core power inductor, unshielded power inductor, magnetic shielded power inductor, current sensor inductor, horizontal mount power inductor, laminated transformers, and high frequency transformers. USA.

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