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Frequency converter circuits are typically implemented as analog multiplier circuits and are used in many different applications such as modulators, demodulators, upconverters, downconverters and mixers. Frequency converter converts alternating current (AC) of one frequency to alternating current of another frequency. A frequency converter is used to steplessly adjust the rotation rate of an AC motor. The rotation rate adjustment is carried out in the frequency converter mainly by changing the voltage supplied to the motor and the voltage frequency. The frequency converter allows to adjust acceleration and deceleration, as well as slowing down and reversing of the motor. Frequency converters for supplying power to three-phase asynchronous motors essentially comprise a rectifier (AC-DC converter) which supplies a DC voltage to a smoothing or filter capacitor and an inverter (DC-AC converter) using power transistors or thyristors and energized by said filtered DC voltage. Frequency converters are employed in communication receivers. The frequency converter converts a radio frequency (RF) signal with a high frequency ranging from 1 to 20 GHz into an intermediate-frequency (IF) signal with a frequency ranging from 10 to 1,000 MHz, or vice versa, using a local oscillator (LO) signal. They are used for converting an RF signal, transmitted over the air medium, to a lower frequency signal suitable for demodulation in a receiver.

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  • Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance AC/DC power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers, DC/DC converters, sine-wave inverters, phase and frequency converters, DC-input dimmable back-light inverters for LCD displays, DC-output UPS systems, laboratory power supplies and complete power systems in 19" and 23" racks. Canada.
  • Avionic Instruments, Inc.
    Designer and producer of lightweight qualified power conversion equipment for military, commercial, and aerospace applications. Manufactures DC to AC static inverters, AC to AC frequency converters, AC to DC transformer rectifier units, DC to DC cockpit light dimming controllers and AC (or DC) to DC switching power supplies. USA.
  • Falcon Electric, Inc.
    Manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), frequency converters and regulators. Products include on-line frequency converters, rackmount frequency converters, frequency & phase converters, rackmountable precision AC voltage regulator, line-interactive (SBS) type UPS with LCD display, sinewave UPS power supplies for servers, networks, lab, industrial, telecom and other critical applications. USA.
  • Georator Corporation
    Offers complete lines of power frequency converters, including belt-coupled (economical) converter, common shaft (precision) converter, line Insolators (power line conditioner), uninterruptible power supplies, solid state frequency converters, and brushless permanent magnet generators. USA.
  • IntelliPower, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures and sells on line uninterruptible power systems and frequency converters (for 45Hz to 450Hz input). Typical applications include computers, communications systems, workstations, industrial control, rugged military, scientific equipment, data processing, file servers, motor power sources, lighting, medical, AC generators, high temperature, NAVY shipboard systems, satellite communications from Humvees, aerospace support and other government systems. USA.
  • Majorpower Corporation
    Specialized power equipment distributor, business direct supplier and manufacturer of: uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), power inverters, power conditioners, battery chargers, power supplies / rectifiers, DC/DC converters, frequency converters, single to 3-phase converters, surge protection; and telecom, utility, & mobile power systems. USA.
  • Visicomm Industries
    Manufactures, sells and rents a broad range of rotary and solid state design frequency converters and changer products, including single phase frequency converters, three phase solid state frequency converters, rotary 1 or 3 phase frequency converters, rotary 400Hz output frequency converters, and frequency converters accessories. USA.

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