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Many types of power distribution units are available for distributing power to components. Generally, a power distribution unit comprises at least one distribution point for the power supply, and at least one female outlet on its side designed to receive a male connector of a cable of an electrical device, and at least one circuit breaker. Power distribution units typically include a box with fixed devices. They may have fixed plug receptacles and breakers. The distribution point is electrically connected by means of a respective electrical cable to a manually resettable circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is connected by means of an electrical cable to at least one female outlet.

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  • La Marche Manufacturing Company
    Manufacturer of battery chargers, rectifiers, battery eliminators, power boards, power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC breaker panels, DC distribution panels, DC to AC inverters and DC system components and accessories, engine starting chargers, mining chargers, utility chargers, motive power chargers, marine chargers, aviation ground support chargers and railroad chargers. USA.
  • Marway Power Systems
    Power control and power distribution solutions provider specializing in the manufacture of AC/DC power distribution units, uninterruptible power supplies, custom rack mounts, universal control panels, international and server PDU's, COTS and modified COTS units and test system PDU's for GSA customers, IT systems builders and military and military medical (400 Hz), industrial and commercial applications. USA.
  • Power Distribution, Inc.
    Specializes in power distribution, regulation, harmonic cancellation, switching or systems monitoring. Manufactures computer cables, transient voltage surge suppressors, computer shield transformers, power distribution units, voltage regulator, redundant power distribution system, static automatic transfer switch, and branch circuit monitoring system. USA.
  • Server Technology, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures products to reduce downtime and improve data center power management. Products include intelligent cabinet power distribution units, that provide remote management via IP, input current power monitoring, environmental monitoring and serial console port access. USA.
  • Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc.
    Manufactures and installs electrical transmission and distribution systems, including high- and medium-voltage power lines, transformers, and switching equipment. Offers power automation tools, as well as energy management systems and information systems used to monitor transmission networks. Also provides related maintenance, management, and consulting services. Germany.

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