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Power converters are devices that typically transform and/or condition power from one or more power sources to supply power to one or more loads. For example, electrical power converter systems may transform AC power from a power grid to a form suitable for a standalone application (e.g., powering an electric motor, lights, electric heater, household or commercial equipment, telecommunications equipment, computing equipment, uninterruptible power supply). Electrical power converter systems may transform power from a standalone power source such as an array of photovoltaic cells, fuel cell system, micro-turbine, or flywheel, for use in a standalone application and/or for export to, or by, a power grid. A power inverter is a power converter transforming direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Power rectifiers are power converters transforming AC to DC. Power converters commonly referred to as "DC/DC converters" step-up or step-down a DC voltage. Power converters can be divided into linear type and switching type. The switching converter has the great advantages of light weight, small size and greater efficiency compared with the linear converter. An electrical power converter system may comprise one or more subsystems such as an DC/AC inverter, DC/DC converter, and/or AC/DC rectifier. Typically, electrical power converter systems will include additional circuitry and/or programs for controlling the various subsystems; and for performing switching, filtering, noise and transient suppression, and device protection. A power converter may employ a transformer to provide galvanic isolation between an input or primary side and an output or secondary side of the power converter. Power converters are usually equipped with power factor correction means or circuits. An intermediate storage capacitor is typically used to provide the necessary power factor correction or adjustment. Most power converters have a surge power rating, which is typically a multiple of a continuous rating. The surge power rating is typically about twice the continuous rating, and in some cases may be as high as three or four times the continuous rating.

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  • Bear Power Supplies
    Designs and builds rugged AC/DC converters for commercial, industrial and medical systems. Products include PCB mountable switching power supplies, chassis mountable switching power supplies, open frame, enclosed and encapsulated custom power supplies. USA.
  • Martek Power Inc.
    Designs and manufactures standard, modified standard and custom power supplies and DC/DC converters, for applications such as medical laser, medical ultra sound, high end test and measurement, external data storage, disk storage system, high speed impact printer, scalable computer, flight control, telecommunications and networking, automated wafer fabrication, and mobile seismic activity detection.
  • Vicor Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems used in the communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronic markets. Products include dc-dc converters & power supplies, ac-dc converters & power supplies, factorized power architecture, military COTS power converters, connectors, sockets, ORing diodes, heat sinks, thermal interfaces, and capacitors. USA.
  • Wall Industries, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets a full line of AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion products including AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC power converters, desktop power supplies, low input voltage isolated converter, adapter for Ethernet applications, AC/DC medical approved power supply, military, quasi-military, and COTS (commerical off-the-shelf) qualified power solutions. USA.

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