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Electric supply networks are increasingly being exposed to the consequences of nonlinear loads, such as data processing equipment, numerical controlled machines, variable speed motor drives, robotics, medical apparatus and communication equipment. Electrical disturbances on a power line can bring an entire assembly line to a standstill and even cause damage to equipment--both commercial and residential. Power conditioning circuits have long been used to protect sensitive load equipment from transients caused by lightning strikes, noise and other power line disturbances. Power conditioners are used to control and condition electric power. Power conditioners may be used to convert a direct current into an alternating current, to change voltage or current magnitude, or to change the frequency of an alternating current.

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  • EGS Electrical Group
    Manufacturer of industrial electrical products for explosion proof, hazardous and ordinary location environments, including UPS, power conditioners, voltage regulators, shielded transformers, surge suppression devices, conduit and cable fittings, plugs and receptacles, conduit bodies, industrial lighting, and electrical heating cable products for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.
  • ETA Systems
    Offers an extensive line of rack mounted and standalone power protection, power management, and uninterruptible power products designed to protect the ultra-sensitive digital electronic equipment used in audio and video applications. Products include power conditioners, power distribution systems, three-phase conditioned power center, and uninterruptible power managers. USA.
  • Furman Sound, LLC
    Manufacturer of signal processing and power conditioning products, including power conditioners, power sequencer, uninterruptible power supply, AC power distribution, AC voltage regulators, balanced power conditioners, headphone monitor systems, pedal board, audio interface system, and accessories. USA.
  • ONEAC Corporation
    Manufactures devices that protect against interruptions in the flow of power and data lines. Products include power conditioners, uninterruptible power supplies, and DC rectifiers and inverters. The company also offers related software and hardware used to monitor power and data networks. These products are used in a variety of applications for telecommunications gear, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, biomedical instruments, and retail point-of-sale systems. USA.
  • Tabuchi Electric Company Limited
    Manufacturer of high-voltage transformers for microwave ovens, miniature high-voltage transformers, switching transformers, current sensing transformers, line transformers, power transformers and switching choke coils for switching mode power supply, reactors and power factor correction reactors, switching adaptors, battery chargers, high-intensity discharge lamp power supplies, switching power supplies, solar power conditioners, active filter units and direct-current-to-direct-current adaptors, and power devices. Japan.

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