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Power amplifiers are used in a variety of applications to increase the power level of a signal. Many communications systems, particularly wireless communication systems, use power amplifiers to amplify the signal before it is transmitted. Wireless communication signals received by antennas are often very weak. Power amplifiers are widely used in wireless transmission systems to increase the signal strength of the received wireless signal. Radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers are used as components in many communication devices, including many wireless communication devices, such as base stations and mobile devices such as cell phones. For example, a power amplifier may be used as the final gain stage in the transmitter of a mobile handset terminal (e.g., a mobile phone). Power amplifier electronics are commonly required in satellites for various servo control systems such as piezoelectric actuators for imaging applications. The two primary functions of RF power amplifier design are linearity over the range of power operation and efficiency. Linearity is simply the ability to amplify without distortion while efficiency is the ability to convert DC to RF energy with minimal wasted power and heat generation. Typical power amplifier technologies utilize multiple integrated circuits in order to provide functionality for amplification, power output control and for stabilization of the power amplifier output signal level due to supply voltage and temperature fluctuations. There're two types of power amplifiers existing for handling different types of transmission signals. Multi-carrier power amplifiers (MCPAs) are used in amplifier modules designed to handle wideband signals. MCPAs are used to amplify signals containing multiple carriers. Single carrier power amplifiers (SCPAs) are limited to amplifying signals containing essentially only one carrier frequency.

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  • Copley Controls Corporation
    Manufacturer of digital servo & stepper amplifiers, analog PWM servo amplifiers, UV torque amplifier for brushless motors, torque/velocity amplifier for brushless motors, xenus regen resistors, shunt regulators, xenus edge filter, edge filters, industrial linear actuators and motors, linear motors, digital amplifiers and controllers, and low noise DC output PWM amplifiers. USA.
  • EMR Corporation
    Manufacturer of intermodulation control devices, cavity resonators, duplexers, transmitter combiners, reciever multicoupler, multicoupler components, signal enhancement products, base station antenna band pass, power amplifiers, antennas, cross band couplers, trunking systems, power supplies, aeronautical products, broadcasting and television products. USA.
  • M.S. Kennedy Corporation
    Design and production of high performance analog microelectronics, including operational and video amplifiers, motor drives, linear and switching voltage regulators, 3-phase bridge with intelligent gate drive, 3-phase brushless DC motor controller, DC/DC converters, custom analog/mixed signal hybrids, power hybrids and multi-chip modules. USA.
  • QSC Audio Products, Inc.
    Manufacturer of power amplifiers, network audio and loudspeaker systems, digital signal processors, digital signal transport, network audio system, multipurpose speakers, digital cinema speakers, computer control systems, accessories, adapters, cables, service kits, replacement parts and assemblies. USA.
  • Quarterwave Corporation
    Manufacturer of high power traveling wave tube amplifiers, manufactures a commercial off the shelf line of products that ranges in power from 5 Watts CW to 50 kW peak, pulsed. These products cover the frequency range of from 1 GHz to 96 GHz, dependent upon the availability of a TWT. The CW amplifiers are typically in octave bandwidths. Pulsed amplifiers cover multi-octave and narrow band frequency ranges. USA.
  • SatCon Technology Corporation
    Offers diversified power products for the alternative energy, hybrid-electric vehicle, grid support, high reliability electronics and advanced power technology markets. Products include power control systems, motors and drives, regulators, power MOSFETS, motor controllers, DC:DC converters, RF devices, amplifiers, telecommunications electronics, and hybrid microcircuits for industrial, medical, and aerospace applications. USA.
  • Unholtz-Dickie
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of complete vibration test systems, including electrodynamic shaker systems, shock and vibration controllers, horizontal slip table assemblies, long stroke thrusters, head expanders, power amplifiers, transducer calibration systems, accelerometers and instrumentation. USA.

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