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Power adapters electrically interconnect with different interface standard electrical connectors and perform the functions of signal/power transmission and conversion therebetween by two ways. Power adapters are an electrical bridging device for providing an interface between a power source and an appliance. Adapters are commonly used to supply power to electronic devices, such as laptop and notebook computers, desktop computers, battery chargers, peripheral devices used in conjunction with computers, personal digital assitants, camcorders, audio and video recording and playback devices, and many other portable electronic devices. A conventional power adapter generally comprises an insulating casing and a power transforming device sealedly disposed in the insulating casing, an adapter body, a primary-power input cable for coupling to a commercial AC power supply and a secondary-power output cable for coupling to a desired load or external equipment. In most instances, adapters convert alternating current (AC) power from an AC power source, such as a wall outlet, into the direct current (DC) power that is used by electronic devices. AC adapters generally include a plug which plugs into a wall outlet, a transformer which steps the line voltage down, a rectifier circuit which rectifies the stepped-down AC voltage to a DC voltage, and a plug which plugs into an electronic device.

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  • Dynage (Division) of Oakleaf, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of battery chargers, high voltage power supplies & transformers, power electronics units for renewable energy systems, dc power supplies, wall plug-in and desktop adapters, low power transformers, telecom transformers, ADSL transformers, LAN transformers, flame scanner products, industrial & process control products. USA.
  • ENG Electric Company
    Manufactures linear wall-mount (direct plug-in) adapters, esk-top (indirect plug-in) adapters, linear AC/AC and AC/DC adapters, in-direct power supplies, switching power supplies, toroids, filter coils & chokes, inverters, converters, high frequency transformers, and power transformers.
  • Lind Electronics, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures laptop power adapters, auxiliary battery packs for laptops, replacement AC adapters for laptops, auto air adapters, 12 - 32VDC input adapters, lithium-ion power packs, stock and custom cables, and specialty laptop accessories. USA.
  • Phihong USA Inc.
    Manufacturer of universal input adapter, interchangeable wall mount adapters, power over ethernet adapter, power supplies, midspans, splitters, dimms, PoE power supplies, PoE redundant power sources, LCD inverters, custom Solutions, and personal electronic accessories.

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