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Power supplies serve the purpose of converting an input voltage into one or several output voltages. Electrical utility service providers, or simply utilities, generate polyphase electrical power, and typically three phase power. An AC power source may be used to provide an AC power line input, which gets converted to a DC regulated output voltage. While AC power is mostly used by industrial users which have their different voltage requirements, DC power is used in sensitive equipment, computers, and small electrical appliances. Polyphase electrical power is supplied on a plurality of power supply lines wherein the voltage waveform on each of the power supply lines has a unique phase angle. A single phase of the polyphase electrical power may typically be provided for single family residences, true polyphase electrical power is typically provided to larger facilities such as commercial and industrial facilities. High power inverting type power supplies are used for such typical industrial applications as induction heating, corona treating, and cap sealing. The inverting power supply system first rectifies the incoming AC supply voltage to direct current.

Listings on Power supplies : Industrial power supply

  • Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of custom and standard high performance switch-mode power supplies. Products include rugged AC/DC power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers, DC/DC converters, sine-wave inverters, phase and frequency converters, DC-input dimmable back-light inverters for LCD displays, DC-output UPS systems, laboratory power supplies and complete power systems in 19" and 23" racks. Canada.
  • American High Voltage
    Designer and manufacturer of high voltage power supplies, including AC output high voltage power supply, triple output high voltage CRT power supply, regulated high voltage power supply floating output, high voltage isolation power supply, rack mountable supply, compact multi-output CRT power supply, adjustable high voltage CRT focus power supply, low voltage CRT cutoff power supply, miniature high voltage CRT anode power supply, and high efficiency high voltage module. USA.
  • Anoma Corporation
    Manufacturer of standard, modified standard, custom AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies. Manufacturers an extensive line of standard switching power supplies, general purpose adaptors, fast charger for battery pack, output plugs, input plugs, table top power supplies, PCB mount power transformers, AC/DC adaptor and charger, switching power supply, and open frame power supply. USA.
  • Artesyn Technologies
    Design, manufacture and sale of advanced power conversion equipment and board-level computing solutions for infrastructure applications in telecommunication and data-communication systems. Offers power conversion products in the industry, covering a wide range of AC/DC power supplies and advanced DC/DC converters including point of load products. Provides the core communications technology for today´s converging networks including WAN interfaces, CPU boards, DSP boards and software, protocols and hardware/software subsystems. USA.
  • Broadband TelCom Power, Inc.
    Offers custom, high current density power supplies and DC/DC converters; industry standard, high efficiency/high current DC to DC converters from half brick to sub quarterbrick size; low power isolated and non-isolated DC/DC converters; non-isolated DC/DC converters in single-inline-package, and output currents up to 20A; and open frame AC/DC power supplies up to 100W. USA.
  • Condor DC Power Supplies, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets power electronics, power motion and power protection equipment that is used in a variety of aerospace, computer, datacom, industrial, medical, telecom, transportation and utility equipment applications. Products include global performance commercial switchers, AC/DC univerisal input power supply, low profile switchers, commercial AC input-switching power supplies, redundant power rack system, single output hot swap switcher, medical switching power supplies, single and multiple output commercial linears. USA.
  • Digital Power Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and markets a variety of best-in-class high-density power solutions for the commercial and military marketplace. Specializes in enclosed and open frame AC/DC solutions, both AC and DC CPCI solutions, ATCA strongbox, and custom architectures from 50 watts to 1200 watts. Products include open frame AC/DC switching power supplies with one to four outputs in both 175-200 and 300-400 watt packages, missions critical power products, compact PCI power products, system front end & battery charging products. USA.
  • Elgar Electronics Corporation
    Specializes in programmable power supplies and related power products, including programmable AC power sources, digitally modulated AC power system, programmable DC power systems and loads, battery simulation systems, solar array simulators, and integrated rack power subsystem services. USA.
  • Elpac Electronics, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures high-performance AC DC power supplies, docking stations and battery chargers. Offers standard open frame and external power supplies in the 5 to 200 watt range, linear and switching power supplies, custom docking stations and battery chargers, and custom power supplies up to 500 watts. USA.
  • Snaptec Australia Power Supplies
    Specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of professional power conversion products that includes DC power supplies, AC power sources, DC/AC inverters, battery chargers, industrial batteries, DC backup systems, DC no break UPS systems, AC UPS systems, DC/DC converters, AC/AC frequency converters and transformers. Australia.
  • Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of high voltage DC power supplies, X-ray generators and monoblock X-Ray sources. Product range includes modules, rack mounted supplies, X-Ray supplies and monoblocks X-ray sources, and custom designed products developed to precise customer specification. Voltages range from 250V to 500kV and power from <1W to 120kW. Typical applications include CT scanning, bone densitometry, non-destructive testing, analytical X-ray, ionimplantation, E-beam lithography, explosive detection/baggage screening, telecommunications, mass spectrometry, electrophoresis and numerous others. USA.

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