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Power supplies are employed generally to provide one or more power supply voltages to an electrical device. Power supplies typically convert a power input to a necessary or desirable power output tailored for a specific application. Electrical power is typically supplied in one of two forms: direct current (DC) power and alternating current (AC) power. Electric power converter systems are used to transform and/or condition electrical power in a variety of applications. The electrical power converter system may comprise one or more subsystems such as an DC/AC inverter, DC/DC converter, and/or AC/DC rectifier. Additional circuitry and/or programs are also included in electrical power converter systems for controlling the various subsystems, and for performing switching, filtering, noise and transient suppression, and device protection. Electrical power for integrated circuits is typically supplied by one or more direct current (DC) power sources and may require multiple regulated voltages that are different from the available supply voltage. Switching power supplies are used to provide power in numerous products such as cell phones, digital camera, PDAs (personal digital assistants)notebook computers and other electronic equipment, by providing precisely regulated output voltages to power the various integrated circuits and other components contained within the product being powered.

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