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Digital audio recorders are used as voice memo recorders, and as voice message recorders in portable telephone sets. Audio recorders for use in conferences, business meetings and the like have evolved in recent years from relatively large, heavy devices using motor driven magnetic tapes to lightweight portable units which may be hand held and are powered by small batteries. Voice-activated, voice logging recorders are widely used in monitoring such communications as those involving police, fire and aircraft and in providing accurate records of business meetings, legal proceedings, educational material, etc. Solid state memories employing integrated circuits have supplanted tape recorders in many applications. Integrated circuit recorders may record analog values representing the instantaneous amplitude of the sound reaching the unit's microphone or the microphone output may be digitized and stored as binary values. Some digital audio recorders employ nonvolatile semiconductor memory, such as flash memory, as a recording medium.

Listings on Portable electronics : Voice recorders

  • CVDS Inc.
    Specializes in the development and manufacture of a wide range of electronic products, including digital voice recorders, telecommunication equipment, automated merchandising and transaction systems, surveillance equipment, high-reliability switching power supplies, and custom air traffic control applications. Canada.
  • J.E.I.,Inc.
    Providing communications recording systems, voice logging recorders, and custom Audio equipment for public safety and military intelligence applications. Products include digital logging recorders, slow speed analog cassette voice logging recorder, standard speed analog cassette voice logging recorder, distribution amplifier, buffer amplifier, audio switching panel w/speaker, audio monitor, leveling amplifier, and speaker panel. USA.
  • jWIN Electronics Corporation
    Supplier of MP3 players, mini systems, CD players, boombox, speaker systems, cassette players, portable radios, voice recorders, digital cameras, LCD TV, tube TV, DVD players, home theater, portable DVD, alarm clock, shower CD players, kitchen CD players, telephone/caller ID, headphones, personal speakers, microphones, rechargeable batteries, adapter & converters, AV cables & accessories, and AV/DVD cleaners. USA.
  • Nuance Communications Inc.
    Provider of speech and imaging solutions, Nuance speech technologies enable voice-activated services over a telephone, transform speech into written word, and permit the control of devices and applications by speaking. The company's imaging solutions eliminate the need to manually reproduce documents, automate the integration of documents into business systems, and enable the use of electronic documents and forms within database, Internet, mobile and other business applications. USA.

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