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Portable cassette players are devices which enable users to listen to pre-recorded music while engaging in various activities. An example of such a device is the cassette player/radio Walkabout. The Walkabout is the most popular and best selling personal stereo. A popular example of the Walkabout stereo is the Sony WALKMAN. Other manufacturers of these devices include Aiwa, RCA, Magnavox, Emerson and GPX. An important feature of portable cassette players for people walking or jogging is its light weight. Most portable cassette players typically utilize two 1.5 volt "AA" batteries in a series configuration.

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  • Bang & Olufsen Holding A/S
    Manufacturer and distributor of electronics and electrical equipment, including CD, audio cassette and vinyl players,AM/FM radios, televisions (flat-screen models and home entertainment systems with built-in DVD and videotape players), loudspeakers (compact and surround-sound models, and accessories, such as earphones, wall brackets and floor stands). Denmark.
  • BEKO Elektronik A.S.
    Electronics manufacturer of television sets, including flat television sets, conventional television sets, plasma television sets, liquid crystal television sets and other television sets, micro systems with tuners, compact disk players and cassette decks, portable compact disk players and portable cassette players, DVD players and DVD recorders, and home theater products, mainly home theater systems and speaker stands. Turkey.
  • Yanion International Holdings Limited
    Manufacturing and trading of audio and video products, home and office appliances, computer peripherals and high-precision components. Audio and video products consist of compact disk (CD) players, versatile compact disk (VCD) players, audio/video receivers, speakers and cassette deck and CD mechanisms. Hhome and office appliances include portable thermal printers, modem converters and ionized air purifiers. Also produces precision springs, precision metal and plastic molds, precision spare parts and components, stationery and other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.

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