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Video signal processing systems that utilize storage media having digitally compressed video and audio information recorded thereon include a digital video disc player adapted to process information stored in accordance with the digital video disc (DVD) specification. A digital video disk (DVD) is a storage medium for storing image and audio information. The information on a DVD formatted disc is recorded as discrete packets of data, in accordance with the applicable video and audio data compression standards. The data stored in the digital video disk may be categorized into two types: presentation data and navigation data. The presentation data is compressed audio and video data. The navigation data is control information used to reproduce the presentation data. A video disc player reading a DVD formatted disc may be controlled to display certain packets of data and skip over others. There are three types of digital optical disks: read-only, recordable (also called write-once or write-once-read-many (WORM)) and erasable (also called rewritable). A digital versatile disc (DVD) player an perform an interactive playback in which a user can communicate with the player during playback. A digital video disc player reads and reproduces picture information previously recorded on a digital video disc. A DVD player is composed of three logical units including a DVD player application that presents an interface to the user and relays user commands to the second logical unit, a DVD navigator that reads and interprets the information on the DVD and controls which segments of video and audio are processed based on the user commands, and a DVD presentation layer that decompresses data read from the DVD and presents the corresponding audio, video and subpicture streams. In general, digital versatile disc (DVD)-ROM and DVD players are each equipped with a pick-up head (PUH) and a pick-up base (PUB) comprised of a spindle motor and a feeding system.

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  • Futian Electronics
    Manufacturer of portable DVD players, MP3 players, sudoku game, radio double cassette recorder with CD/MP3/VCD/DVD display, DVD players/TVs, boomboxes, FM/AM radio cassette recorder, computer case, LCD monitor, and vacuum Cleaner. China.
  • Nextra Technology Limited
    Manufacturer and exporter of portable speaker with built-in MP3 decoder, digital MP4 player, portable DVD player and DVB-T receiver combo, MP3 speaker with MP3 player, digital MP3 player, and portable DVD players. China.
  • Sen Yang Electronic Science & Technology
    Maufacturer of portable DVD players, DIVX MP4 players, headrest mounted car TV, portable DIVX / DVD with 7" TFT player, digital LCD color TV, portable multimedia player, mobile digital TV receiver, digital and analog TFT-LCD color TV receiver, and 8 inches car roof mounted TFT-LCD monitor. China.
  • Skywood Info-Tech Industries
    Manufacturer of portable MP4/DIVX DVD player with 7 inch screen, DVD mini component system with digital radio and cassette, slim DVD player, digital satellite receiver, home theater system, DVD player with card reader, portable DVD player, home theater system, MP4 player, and DVD recorder. China.
  • Xoro Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of home theater system, portable DVD player with game function, DVD player with 5-in-1 card reader and USB interface, DVD recorder, portable DVD player with10.2 inch 4:3/16:9 active matrix TFT/LCD screen, active sound system, digital video broadcasting for terrestrial, mobile phone signal jammer, CDMA mobile phone signal booster, and GSM / CDMA wide band repeater. China.

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