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A compact disc player or CD player is an electronic device to play audio from compact discs. The CD player reproduces an audio signal from the digital data stored on the CD. Standard compact discs have a diameter of about 12 cm; they contain audio information and auxiliary information, for example relating to the number of the music titles to be found on one CD, identifying the composer, the artists, and reproduction duration. The CD is scanned in the CD player by a laser diode having a light output power, and a wave length which is in the infrared region. The laser beam is focused by a movable optical scanning system. A compact disc may be formatted to include compressed audio content, such as MP3 files or any other suitable compressed audio format. Manufacturers and developers are continually active in the field of portable CD players and like devices. There are numerous designs and styles of portable CD systems that are commercially available under a wide variety of brand names.

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  • Kingpai Electronics
    Specialized manufacturer of portable VCD, MP3, DVD and CD players, and a wide range of digital products, such as USB disks, flash MP3 players, portable media players, remote control panels and other related products. China.
  • Leetac Electronics
    Specializes in manufacturing electronics products, including portable CD player, portable CD/MP3 player, portable CD/MP3/WMA player, portable CD/MP3/VCD player, portable radio, cassette recorder; compo radio, boombox CD/VCD player, mini hi-fi, and phonograph with radio/cassette/CD player. China.
  • Sony Corporation
    Manufacturer of audio, visual and data communications products including televisions, liquid crystal display televisions, televideos, videocassette recorders, digital versatile disk (DVD) players, DVD players with video deck, circuit switch (CS) tuners, home theater speaker systems, DVD/magnetic disk (MD) stereo systems, MD stereo systems, compact disk (CD) stereo systems, record players, MD portable stereo systems, CD radio cassette recorders, radio cassette recorders, portable MD players, portable CD players, headphone stereos, cassette recorders, radios and integrated circuit recorders.

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