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A personal digital assistant (PDA) has recently become a popular portable electronic device. Personal digital assistants are handheld devices which are capable of performing various functions of personal computers and cellular phones depending upon the model or style of PDA. A personal digital assistant provides personal and multimedia services which incorporate recent data communication technology. Personal digital assistants provide a user with the convenience to be able to store diaries, address books, meeting schedules etc in a compact, transportable form as well as to be able to instantly add new entries such as meeting notes, new addresses etc. The PDA enables a user to easily access a small and portable terminal using a pen or voice, instead of a conventional keyboard, and provides a graphic user interface (GUI) environment. A PDA may be used for wireless communication, like a cellular phone, to send and receive electronic mail. A PDA may also be used to store and display calendars, addresses and telephone numbers, to-do lists, and other electronic information. Personal digital assistants provide a reminder feature for alerting a user of an upcoming appointment, event or task. The reminder feature usually causes a visual as well as an audio alert to be generated on the device. A light indicator that is strategically located on the device provides the visual alert. The PDA can store a substantial amount of data such as schedule data, address book data, to-do list data, and a note pad data, and further provides diversified functions as well. In addition to traditional functions of organizer assistant, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, data further call be downloaded from a computer. For example, the user can transfer e-mails that cannot be immediately read from a computer to the PDA, and treat these emails later. Information can also be downloaded into a PDA by way of a connection or coupling link between the PDA and a personal computer. Software applications such as calculator, an electronic map, a document processing system, an electronic book, a palm game, and global positioning system (GPS) may be further installed in the PDA. Some PDAs have built-in wireless communication modules, they can also receive real-time information such as stock market news, traffic statuses, weather predictions, real-time news, and so on. In the future, it is hopefully that PDAs can be combined with mobile phones. A personal digital assistant typically consists of a microprocessor or microcontroller (i.e., a small, processor that executes a program of stored instructions), a memory defining a database, and an input/output device such as a touchscreen or a liquid crystal display and a keyboard. The general PDAs always have several connecting ports for electrically connecting to other peripheral devices.

Listings on Portable electronics : Personal digital assistants

  • Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of personal computer and laptop keyboards, infrared and radio frequency keyboards, optical mouse, integrated circuit smart cards, information application and gaming keyboards, personal digital assistant (PDA), wireless Bluetooth PDA keyboards, low profile computer keyboards, digital video cameras, personal computer cameras and digital cameras, as well as modules for mobile phone and laptop cameras. Taiwan, China.
  • China Digital Communication Group
    Manufactures and distributes lithium battery shells, aluminum battery shells, aluminum caps and lithium batteries for mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and moving picture experts group layer-3 audios (MP3s) and other small-electronic consumer products.
  • Chung Lam Digital Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of audio and video systems. Products include car AV systems, DVD players, karaoke systems, car theater systems, satellite radio receivers, digital satellite video receivers, cable television set-top boxes, digital echo mixer amplifiers, thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and personal digital assistants (PDA). Korea.
  • Mobility Electronics, Inc.
    Develops and provides power products for high-power mobile electronic devices, including portable computers; power products for low-power mobile electronic devices, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants and MP3 players; connectivity products; expansion products, and docking and accessory products. The company also markets a number of mobile device accessories, such as monitor stands, mobile phone accessories and portable computer stands. USA.
  • Synnex Technology International Corp.
    Manufacturer of computers and related accessories, including desktop and laptop personal computers, personal digital assistants, servers and scanners; computer supplies, software and networks, such operating systems, database software and ink and toner cartridges; digital products, such as liquid crystal display televisions, digital cameras, moving picture experts group audio layer-3 players and DVD players, and regular telecommunications products, including mobile phones and fax machines. Taiwan, China.

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