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Nowadays, optical disk apparatuses which read and reproduce information on an optical disk used as a recording medium by using an optical pickup have become smaller in size and higher in performance. An optical disc can be larger in recording capacity than a magnetic disc and can be accessed at a higher speed than a tape-shaped recording medium. In addition, the optical disc has merits such as non-contact recording and/or reproduction for a medium and high durability and, for this reason, has recently come to be used extensively. Modern audio music systems typically include a player that accepts media encoded with digital audio material. Such media include the compact disc (CD), MiniDisc (MD), and digital audio tape (DAT) formats. The CD format comprises a plastic-coated aluminum substrate from which digital audio material can be optically retrieved. The DAT format comprises a tape substrate with a magnetic recording layer in which digital audio material is magnetically recorded. Other popular media for playback of digital music information include the Laserdisc (LD) format and the digital video disc (DVD) format, both of which can combine video information with music or other digital audio information. A MiniDisc (MD) is a disc-based data storage device intended for storage of digitized audio. Portable MD players using minidiscs have become generally widespread as portable optical disk apparatuses. There are three sorts of the MiniDisc, namely a replay-only optical disc, a recordable optical disc and a hybrid disc comprised of a replay-only area and a recordable area. The MiniDisc is a magneto-optical storage format.

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  • A-MAX Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of portable digital audio players. The company's flash-based products include MP3 players, CD players, minidisc players, portable multimedia devices, photo viewers and storage products, and HDD designs, including photo jukeboxes. Hong Kong, China.
  • Anam Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of consumer electronics, including audio tuners, compact disc (CD) players, digital versatile disc (DVD) players, audio speakers, DVD receivers, video tape recorders (VTRs), home theaters, analogue and digital televisions (TVs), and flat, projector and plasma monitors, audio amps, decks, digital receivers, stereos, plasma TV stands, minidisc players, audio systems and other related products. Korea.
  • Da HAAM e-TEC Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of mechanized products, digital versatile disc (DVD) players and compact disc (CD) players. Its mechanized products are equipped with car navigation, moving picture experts group layer 3 audio (MP3) player, CD player, car DVD and other related systems. Its DVD players include mobile videos and mobile videos with touch screen monitors used at homes. Its CD players include single CD players with detachable front panel and full front detachable panels used in automobiles. Korea.
  • TEAC Corp.
    Manufactures and sells peripheral equipment products, consumer equipment products and information equipment products. Products include floppy disk drives, compact disk read only memory (CD-ROM) drives, compact disk recordable/rewritable (CD-R/RW) drives, digital versatile disc read only memory (DVD-ROM) drives, multi-track, mixer and deck recorders, CD, mini disc (MD) and digital versatile disc (DVD) players, measuring devices, sound recorders for telephone, industrial imaging devices and medical graphic recorders. Japan.

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