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MP3 is an audio file format, based on MPEG (moving picture expert group) technology. It creates very small files suitable for streaming or downloading over the Internet. The moving picture expert group (MPEG) has introduced standards for coding of audiovisual information. These standards include MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. MPEG-4 provides a standard for representing units, known as media objects, of aural, visual or audiovisual content. The MPEG standard is widely accepted due to its high compression rate and low distortion. MPEG, using the different sensitivity of the human ear to different frequency bands, assigns fewer bits to the audio to which the human ear is not so sensitive, to achieve the objective of compression. MP3 utilizes the inverse-modified discrete cosine transform (hereinafter abbreviated as IMDCT) and the sub-band coding techniques, whereby MP3 can achieve such high compression rate. As to the digital audio signal compression, MP3 is the most complicated algorithm, providing the highest compression rate within MPEG. Developments of all assortments of audio players and storage for audio data are progressing up date owing to the need of human kinds for audio storing. An MP3 player is much easier to use for music listening. The audio data are specifically compressed and stored in a semiconductor memory, such as ROM, EPROM and flash ROM.

Listings on Portable electronics : MP3 players

  • Bitland Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of VGA display card, multimedia part, Internet access equipment, LCD equipment, TV card, fax modem, GPRS modem, electronic dictionary, MP3 players, flash MP4 players, portable HDD drive, remoter controller, digital learning machine, digital video & broadcasting products. China.
  • Freedata Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of internet USB phone, USB to IRDA adapter, PC cameras, audio to FM transmitters, digital partner, USB2.0card reader, photo bank, USB to IDE and SATA adaptor, USB2.0 HDD enclosure,5.25" CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, bluetooth headset, bluetooth dongle, FM wreless transmitter, MP3 players, UMP4 players, and portable media players. China.
  • Live Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing and exporting of customized USB data storage devices, including USB flash disks, MP3 players, HDD MP3 players, HDD enclosures, web cameras, keyboards and mice. China.
  • March Technology Development Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of OLED MP3 player, gift MP3 player, flash MP4 player, HDD MP4 player, USB flash disk, flash memory card, digital camera, bluetooth headset, bluetooth dongle, USB phone, USB2.0 card reader, FM transmitter, portable DVD player, and card DVD player. China.
  • Netac Technology Co., Ltd.
    Develops and manufactures USB mobile storage, wireless data, and digital entertainment. These products include USB flash drives, USB security devices, MP3 players, rechargeable OLED music player, portable media player, MTV multi-media player, smart-touch USB 2.0 flash drive, hard disk based entertainment devices, GRRS and CDMA wireless modem, and WLAN equipments. China.
  • Sinykon Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in research, development, manufacturing and selling of customized USB data storage devices, including MP3 player (with recording, repeating and A-B reading, build-in FM radio), car MP3 player, eye glass MP3 player, MP3 watch player, MP3 transmitter, rechargeable 3-10ATM water-resistant MP3 watch, USB flash drives, and color display OLED MP4 player. China.
  • Truly Electronics Manufacturing Limited
    Manufacturer of MP3 player with SD card slot and large color display, MP3 digital player with 1.8" 64K color display, color display MP3 player with joystick control, color display MP3 player with photo browser and E-book & games, digital MP3 player with rotator for volume control, digital MP3 music box with MP3/WMA playback, digital MP3 player with OLED display, cost/sell/margin desktop calculator, dual power desktop calculator, battery desktop calculator, battery pocket calculator, and scientific calculator with clock. Hong Kong, China.

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