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The global positioning system (GPS) is used as the basis for many navigation, tracking, survey, geographical information system (GIS), and personal location applications. Over past several decades, GPS based navigation devices have been increasingly used for navigation of vehicles along airways, waterways and roadways. The global positioning system system is a position measurement system developed to allow a mobile unit such as an aircraft or a ship to determine the position on the earth or the velocity of the mobile unit on the real time basis utilizing GPS satellites which fly up in the sky. The basic functionality of GPS receiver is to calculate the latitude, longitude and altitude of the GPS receiver's location upon receiving a number of GPS signals from a network of GPS satellites that orbit the earth. GPS receivers normally determine their position by computing relative times of arrival of signals transmitted simultaneously from a multiplicity of GPS  satellites. A GPS receiver receives radio-waves simultaneously from plural GPS satellites, and acquires navigation messages (orbit and time information), thereby calculating its absolute position on Earth including a latitude, longitude, and altitude by demodulating the signals received from GPS satellites to obtain the orbit data of the GPS satellites and, from the each GPS satellite's orbit, time information and delay time, derives the three-dimensional position of the own receiver on the basis of simultaneous equations.

Listings on Portable electronics : GPS devices

  • ETEK Navigation, Inc.
    Manufacturer specializing in mobile and marine GPS receivers and antenna. Products include GPS antenna, GPS antenna module, GSM/GPS antenna, GPS receiver, GPS/GSM tracking system, GPS accessories, GPS engine board, GPS bluetooth dongle, GPS compass, GSM antenna, RF connectors, and time transfer receiver. Taiwan, China.
  • Garmin Ltd.
    Designs, develops, manufactures and markets a diverse family of handheld, portable and fixed-mount global positioning system (GPS)-enabled products and other navigation, communications and information products for the consumer and general aviation markets. Products include automotive navigation devices, handheld GPS receivers, two-way radios with integrated GPS receivers, GPS-enabled portable digital assistants, GPS-enabled training assistants for athletic activities and fixed-mount GPS/Sounder products, marine fixed-mount GPS/chartplotter products, GPS-enabled navigation, very high frequency (VHF) communications transmitters/receivers, multi-function displays, traditional VHF navigation receivers, instrument landing system (ILS) receivers, digital transponders, marker beacon receivers and audio panels.
  • Lowrance Electronics, Inc.
    Design, manufacturing and marketing of a line of sound navigation and ranging (SONAR) and global positioning system (GPS) products and other marine electronic products and various related accessories, used in avionic and vehicular navigational applications and by outdoor enthusiasts for camping, hunting, hiking and other recreational uses. USA.
  • NovAtel Inc.
    Designs, markets and sells global positioning systems (GPS), and other positioning components and sub-systems used in a wide variety of commercial applications principally in the aviation, geomatics (surveying and mapping), mining, precision agriculture, marine and defence industries. Also supplies GPS ground reference receivers to satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) worldwide, including the U.S. Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), Europeís European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS), Japanís MTSAT Augmentation System (MSAS), and Chinaís Satellite Navigation Augmentation System (SNAS). Canada.
  • RoyalTek Company Ltd.
    Designs, manufactures, and markets GPS products including in-vehicle navigation system, GPS engine boards, GPS mouse, nluetooth GPS, and PNA (personal navigation assistance). In addition to provide advanced GPS components, RoyalTek augments GPS with other positioning technologies as well as wireless communications and software to create complete customer solutions.
  • Stars Navigation Tech Ltd.
    Designs, develops and manufactures GPS tracking system products, including car GPS system antenna, vehicle tracking system mouse, active antenna, marine antenna, GPS and GSM antenna, GPS tracking system receivers, AVL system, bluetooth GPS and wireless applications. Taiwan, China.
  • Trimble Navigation Limited
    Provides positioning product solutions, manufactures components for in vehicle navigation and telematics systems, and timing modules used in the synchronization of wireless networks. Trimble's laser and optical products either measure distances and angles to provide a position in three-dimensional space or they provide laser references from which position can be established. USA.

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