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Language translation is the transfer of the meaning of a text from one language to another for readership. Language translation methods have evolved over the years and vary from traditional human translation to machine translation to machine translation with a human translation component. Machine translation is a kind of automatic translation from one language into another without human aid. On the basis of linguistic analysis regarding the form and structure of a language, it builds machine lexicon and machine grammar with the mathematical approach, by taking advantage of the huge power of computers in storing and data processing. An electronic dictionary uses a dictionary memory which stores vocabulary data representative of a multiplicity of vocabulary entries. A wide variety of electronic language reference products are available. These products provide information concerning spelling, grammar and pronunciation. The electronic translator and electronic dictionary mainly handle character information in various manners to display a huge quantity of character information on a display in an easy-to-see manner. Most electronic dictionary apparatus has a configuration in which a word or a phrase is entered through a key typing, and information related to it, such as its translation, means, related idiomatic phrases is looked up.

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  • Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of consumer products, including electronic calculators, electronic dictionaries, label printers, visual-related products, digital cameras and electronic musical instruments; timepieces, such as digital watches, analog watches and clocks; mobile network solutions, including cellular phones, pocket computers and hand-held terminals; system equipment, such as electronic cash registers, office computers, page printers and data projectors, and electronic components, including liquid crystal displays (LCDs), bump processing systems, transmission control protocol (TCP) assembly and processing systems and carrier tapes. Japan.
  • Ectaco Inc.
    Specializes in the development and production of electronic handheld dictionaries. Offers wide range of handheld electronic pocket multilingual dictionaries and translation software, including talking electronic dictionaries, non-talking electronic dictionaries, speech-to-speech electronic interpreters, travel electronic dictionaries, and PDA electronic dictionaries. USA.
  • Inventec Corporation
    Specializes in the manufacture, research, development and sale of computer products, including laptops, servers, computer software, electronic dictionaries, liquid crystal display televisions, computer components and peripherals. Taiwan, China.
  • Lexibook Linguistic Electronic System
    Designs, manufactures and sells consumer electronic products, including dictionaries, translators, personal digital assistants, and navigation systems, portable computers, interactive games and electronic games and organizers. France.
  • Sharp Electronics Corporation
    Provides liquid crystal displays, solar products (modules, monitors, inverters), mobile electronics (camcorders, handhelds), appliances (air conditioners, microwave ovens), entertainment products (TVs, DVDs, camcorders), and business electronics (cash registers, PCs, calculators, copiers, electronic dictionary, faxes, printers, multimedia projectors, organizers). USA.

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