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An alarm clock is a clock which can be set to ring at any desired time. It is commonly used to wake a person at a particular time. Alarm clock systems are adapted to project audible sounds to awaken the user of the alarm. Alarm clocks activate an audible signal at a selected time and until the signal is stopped by activation of a switch. Such alarms usually arouse a sleeping individual by the use of a buzzer or music from a device, such as an AM/FM radio or a CD player. There are several types of alarm clocks available to wake a sleeping person. These include alarm clocks with a bell alarm, a beeper, or a tone generator each repetitively generating a jarring sound as an alarm.

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  • Comlex Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of promotional products including Plastic analogue watch, auto scan FM radio with time display, Wall clock with tempmeter and thermometer, analogue watch, paper LCD watch, wall clock with hygrometer and thermometer, bracelet LCD watch, silicon bracelet, desktop calculators, stationary calculators, and alarm clocks. China.
  • Earnest Creation Co.
    Manufacturer of quran teaching laptop, trolley school bags, battery operated children motorcycle, travel alarm, calculator with alarm clocks, auto scan FM radios, quran teaching organ, al-manhuj, ammu saleem, al-ashbaal laptop, quran and supplication teacher, educational toys, dolls, radio control cars, battery operated toys, kitchen sets, sports sets, beauty sets, school bags, plastic flowers and gifts. China.
  • Panyu Pearl Clock Factory
    Manufacturer of pendulum clock, sports digital watch, metal wall clock, weather station alarm clock, pair watch, sweep traveling alarm clock, wooden barometer, bluetooth headset, radio clock, LCD alarm clock, calendar wall clock, and radio controlled clock. China.
  • Quemex Industries
    Manufacturer of day and date watch, figurine watches, azan clock, ladies' bracelet watch, metal band watches, cuckoo clocks, pocket watches, leather band watches, toddler alarm clocks, LCD watch with scrolling display, slim travel alarm clock, pocket watch with pouch, nurse watches, travel or table alarm clocks, and men's PU band watches. China.
  • Reacco Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of world time wall clocks, travel alarm clocks, weather station clock, pendulum alarm clock, bell alarm clock, transparent pen holder calendar, desk alarm clock, name card holder, projection clock, weather station clock, calendar and calculator. China.
  • Shenzhen Okkaido Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of electronic sudoku, magnetic sudoku, radios with projection clock, double projection clock, pentagram seven-color lights, Christmas trees with seven-color light, body fat watchers with pedometer, LCD digital frequency display FM scan radio, indoor & outdoor thermometer, alarm clocks, night lights, boom box music clocks, folding calendars, and alcohol tester. China.

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