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Ultraviolet or short wavelength lights have been utilized industrially in various fields. There are numerous areas of activity that employ UV radiation in which the intensity and distribution of the UV light are important parameters. These include industrial monitoring of materials and processes, spectrofluorescent studies of materials, photoresist illumination, solar simulation, semiconductor annealing, computer PROM erasing, and germicidal sterilization. Effects of UV in sunlight on human bodies have brought about a significant problem and the requirement for the technique of accurately measuring the UV-intensity and dose has increased more. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause a wide range of deleterious effects in human skin, including dehydration, burning, premature aging, and discoloration. Generally, UV detectors consist of a filter or combination of filters to pass only the UV radiation of interest followed by means to convert such radiation into electrical signals. A UV detector generally include a semiconductor having sensitivity to short wavelength such as GaP with a long wavelength cut-off/short wavelength transmitting filter.

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  • Apprise Technologies, Inc.
    Developer and provider of UV radiometer and dosimeter products for energy curing, air and water monitoring, disinfection monitoring, flame monitoring, and medical treatment applications. Products include UV sensor for small UV air treatment units, UV sensor & display UV air, water & surface systems, optical UV radiation system for water disinfection, UV flame detection, cell density meter, in-line turbidity monitors, handheld turbidity probe, C02 analyzer, signal amplification for gas analysis, and total petroleum hydrocarbons. USA.
  • Davis Instruments
    Manufactures and distributes leaf wetness sensor, soil moisture sensor, solar radiation sensor, stainless steel temperature probe, UV sensor, anemometer, rain collector, temperature sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, weather stations, telephone modem adapter, automotive vehicle monitoring systems, and marine products. USA.
  • IL Metronic Sensortechnik GmbH
    Specializes in in the field of moisture measurements, touchless temperature measurements and UV measurements. Products include UV diodes, UV evaluation devices, UV measurement windows, UV sensors and probes, dewpoint sensor module, pressure dew point probes, dew point hygrometer, dew point measuring transducer, humidity transmitter, and glass feed throughs. Germany.
  • uv-technik, Speziallampen GmbH
    Manufactures and distributes a broad, ever-extending, range of UV lamps and complementary components. Products include UV sensor systems, handheld gauges, low pressure lamps, electronic ballasts, submersible lamp systems, quartz elements, ready-assembled kits, and conventional ballasts. Germany.

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