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A spectrometer is an optical system that conjugates an object in a superposition of chromatic images on the image plane in which a detector is located. Spectrometers are used for analysing the wavelength distribution of the intensity of optical radiation. The spectrometer obtains the wavelength spectrum of the light being measured using a wavelength dispersion device, determines the optical power existing in an arbitrary wavelength band, and measures the characteristics of the measured light beam using this determined optical power. Spectroscopic analysis using radiant energy in the infrared region of the electro-magnetic radiation spectrum is a primary technique for chemical analysis of molecular compounds. Mass spectrometers have been used to analyse a wide range of materials, including organic substances such as pharmaceutical compounds, environmental compounds and biomolecules. They are particularly useful, for example, for DNA and protein sequencing. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometers are utilized to perform accurate and efficient identification of the chemical composition of a sample. Microwave spectrometers have been used to measure the concentration of a specified gas in gas samples or sample atmospheres.

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  • Block Engineering
    Manufacturer of fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometers used for the remote and point detection and identification of chemical and biological agents, detection of illicit chemical manufacturing for treaty verification, detection of pollutant gasses or gas leaks at industrial facilities, and area detection systems to alert critical buildings, bases, and metropolitan regions of external toxic gas threats or attacks. USA.
  • CRAIC Technologies, Inc.
    Develops microspectrophotometers (microspectrometer, microscope spectrometer) for UV-visible-NIR range microspectroscopy, designed to non-destructively measure the optical properties of microscopic samples to achieve unprecedented results. Products are used to measure everything from fibers found at crime scenes to the next generation of flat panel displays. USA.
  • Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.
    Design and manufacture of single photon counting sensitive steady state and time resolved fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime spectrometers, time resolved and steady state spectrometers, laser flash photolysis spectrometer, OEM gas sensors, gas analyser, telaire environmental sensors, carbon dioxide lasers, carbon monoxide laser, laser diode pumped solid state lasers, and green laser pointer. UK.
  • GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd.
    Manufacturer of analytical instruments including atomic absorption (AA) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometers, UV-visible spectrophotometers, inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma time of flight mass spectrometers, high performance liquid chromatographs and rheological analysis equipment. Australia.
  • GRIMM Technologies, Inc.
    Manufactures real time portable and stationary aerosol ultrafine particle counters, scanning mobility particle sizer with faraday cup electrometer, rack mounted environmental monitoring station, environmental wide range aerosol spectrometer, real time aerosol spectrometer, transient engine exhaust spectrometer, SMPS +C systems for a wide range of environmental, laboratory, IAQ and field applications. USA.
  • Instrument Systems
    Manufacturer of spectrometers (scanning and array based optical spectrometers), instruments for polarization analysis, complete systems configured for specific applications, imaging photometer and colorimeter, LED measurement adapters, intergrating spheres, test sockets, optical probes, positioner systems, fiber-cables, and light sources. Germany.
  • Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
    Specializes in spectrographic instrumentation and applied holographic technology. Principal products include raman sensors and instrumentation, spectrometers, analyzers, and optical components, advanced holographic components for spectroscopy, telecommunications, astronomy and ultra-fast sciences, and display systems for aircraft. USA.
  • MIDAC Corporation
    Manufacturer of rugged and reliable FTIR spectrometer systems for laboratory, plant, on-line, and field use. Products include rugged multi-purpose gas analysis systems, on-Line gas analysis systems for multiple sample streams, evacuable analyzers for low level detection of moisture in corrosives, telescope mounted, open-path air monitoring systems, roaming air monitors in long path and portable configurations, versatile and compact FTIR module. USA.
  • Varsal, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of bulk specialty chemicals and custom fine chemicals. Products include microwave degistion system, HPLC system, spectrometers, UV cells, hollow cathode lamps (HCL), graphite products, deuterium arc lamps, and accessories. Also produces bulk chemicals including methanesulfonyls, MSA salts, phosphorus chemicals, amino acids, hypophosphorus acid, calcium nitrite and aspartic acid. USA.

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