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A radiometer is a device which senses and measures radiant energy. The radiometer is a sensitive receiver for small power level measurement. Radiometers are used to measure thermal radiation or brightness temperatures emitted from a segment of a remote object. The segment is commonly referred to as a scene and may be a portion of the earth's surface. Radiometers require periodic calibration to insure accurate measurements Radiometers are analog devices that have a separate filter for each narrow section of frequency. Microwave radiometers are generally known as passive broad-band receivers that collect radiation emitted from a surface. Microwave radiometers can be designed to detect, measure and display the microwave energy emitted by earth surface features and the atmosphere.

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  • CI Systems Electro-Optics
    Supplier of high speed radiometer, dual-band radiometer, single channel radiometer, background discrimination radiometer, spectral imagers, remote sensing spectroradiometer, target infrared simulator, infrared target generator, IR threat simulator, missile signal simulator, infrared countermeasures sensor, airborne multi-sensor boresighting system, field testers, and aperture collimators. USA.
  • Farran Technology, Ltd.
    Design and manufacture of waveguide products at operating frequencies from 18 GHz to 3,000 GHz. Design and packaging of MMIC and hybrid modules at frequencies from 10 GHz to 100 GHz. Products include space flight qualified w-band radiometer, multichannel 20-200 GHz quasi optically multiplexed radiometer, frequency extenders, submillimeter products, mixers and detectors, multiplier frequency source, waveguide noise source, narrow band ferrite junction isolators and circulators, downconverters, and mm-wave low noise amplifiers. Ireland.
  • Macam Photometrics Ltd.
    Specialises in the design, manufacture and calibration of optical radiation measurement systems for science, medicine and industry. Products include photometers, ultra violet radiometers, photo therapy radiometers, PAR radiometers, photostability radiometer, NDT radiometer, optical power meters, monolight optical spectrum analyser, and spectroradiometers. UK.
  • Optronic Laboratories
    Design and manufacture light measurement systems that provide accurate, repeatable research-grade measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR-IR wavelength ranges for research, academia, industry and the military. Products include programmable radiometer/photometer, programmable DSP radiometer, USB smart detector, automated spectroradiometric measurement system, portable UV-VIS spectroradiometer, display measurement system, lock-in amplifiers , integrating spheres, silicon UV-enhanced silicon detectors, and precision constant current DC power supplies. USA.
  • ProSensing Inc.
    Specializes in custom-built radar and radiometer systems for a wide range of environmental remote sensing applications. Products include w-band cloud radars, Ka-band cloud radars, X-band weather radars, L-band imaging radiometer, C-band stepped frequency microwave radiometer, millimeter wave (183 GHz) water vapor radiometer, synthetic aperture radiometers, polarimetric radars, L-band salinity mapper, digital beamforming antennas, C-band scatterometer, and X-band ocean surface imaging radar. USA.
  • Radiometer Physics GmbH
    Supplier of complete turn-key radiometers, acousto-optical spectrometers and almost all components needed for radiometer designs like optics (mirrors, grids, lenses, interferometers etc.), RF-sources from 5 to 1500 GHz, mixers (fundamental, subharmonic), IF amplifiers, filters, and detectors. Germany.
  • Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of total infrared radiometer, rotating shadowband spectroradiometer, ultraviolet multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer, pyranometers, sun photometer, atmospheric radiation monitoring system, meteorological thermo-hygrometer, industrial dew point hygrometer, total sky imager, total precipitation collector, automated weather systems, data acquisition systems, total meteorological sensor, portable field calibrator, and satellite quality monitor. USA.

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