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A great number of photosensors employing various kinds of photo detecting materials (photosensor elements) have been developed. Photosensor apparatus is utilized in a variety of circumstances including the controlling of movement of passenger and freight elevators, automatic warehouse handling systems, etc. A semiconductor photosensor device provides a linear output according to its ambient illumination (lightness), and mainly in a portable terminal unit. A semiconductor photosensor which converts an optical signal to an electric signal comprises a photosensor and a signal processing circuit. It is used as a sensor which reduces unnecessary power consumption, for example, by turning off the backlight and the LED of the key operation section when its surroundings are light. A line image sensor is one type of photosensor for detecting a one dimensional image and is typically used in facsimile machines.

Listings on Optoelectronics : Photosensor modules

  • Advanced Photonix, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and development of high-performance silicon and III-V photodiodes, optoelectronic assemblies, and terahertz systems for telecom markets. Products include silicon PIN photodiodes (covering x-ray, UV, visible and NIR wavelengths),silicon and III-V avalanche photodiodes (APDs), InGaAs and InP photodiodes, LED arrays and assemblies, detector/Amplifier hybrid assemblies, high-speed InGaAs receivers, terahertz systems. USA.
  • iolon, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures tunable optical devices based on a proprietary platform utilizing sophisticated servo control loops, MEMS actuators and micro-optic assemblies to provide cost-effective, superior optical performance. Products include tunable lasers, tunable filters, and tunable receivers for advanced optical networks. USA.
  • Martin, Froeschner & Associates
    Manufacturer of electro-optical systems including fiber-coupled tunable diode laser systems, all fiber doppler velocity interferometer systems, fast photodetector modules / DC to 10 Ghz, amplified differential optical receivers to 10 Gb/s, and background canceling photodetectors. USA.
  • Qual-Tron, Inc.
    Manufactures a full range of unattended ground sensors which include break wire, seismic, magnetic, passive infrared, and active infrared break beam. Also manufactures MIDS mini intrusion detection system, MIDS-II mini intrusion detection system, EMIDS enhanced mini intrusion detection system, data logging systems, relays and power pack assemblies. USA.

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