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A photodiode responds to incident electromagnetic radiation by converting the radiation into electrical energy, thereby enabling measurement of the intensity of the incident radiation. A photodiode comprises a photoconductivity cell and a junction diode, and is commonly used in photoelectric products, such as cameras and photosensors of scanners. A light-induced current of the photodiode represents a signal, whereas a current present in an absence of light represents noise. The photodiode processes signal data by using a magnitude of a signal-to-noise ratio. Avalanche diodes are based on reverse-biased p-n junction diodes operated at voltages above the breakdown voltage. In general, an avalanche photodiode is used for converting an input optical signal to an electrical signal, while amplifying the input signal through the avalanche effect by the injection of carriers into an area applied with a high electrical field. Avalanche photodiodes are widely employed in high-speed communication systems. Avalanche diodes are preferred over many other candidate photodetectors, including PIN diodes, particularly due to their high internal gain characteristics and improved signal-to-noise ratio. A PIN photodiode comprises a P-type semiconductor, a N-type semiconductor, and an intrinsic semiconductor layer interposed there-between. The PIN photodiode is typically used as a light-receiving element for converting an optical signal into an electric signal as it possessesexcellent characteristics in converting incident photons into electrons. As a photodiode used in a receiving module of an optical communication system, there are waveguide photodiode and an evanescently coupled photodiode.

Listings on Optoelectronics : Photodiodes

  • Detection Technology, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and markets silicon photodiodes (for UV, visible, and NIR light), radiation detectors, linear array detectors (for food and pharmaceutical inspection, industrial on-line scanning and inspection, and non-destructive testing), and diodes (for X-rays and alpha, beta, and gamma radiation). Finland.
  • Electro-Optical Systems Inc.
    Manufacturer of infrared detectors, photodiodes, quadrant detectors, receiver modules and position sensors for applications in OEM instrumentation and test equipment, optical testing, quality control, laser detection and characterization, thermometry, spectrometry, process control, enviromental sensing, gas analysis, fiber-optic sensing, device characterization and a variety of other optoelectronic uses. USA.
  • Fermionics Corporation
    Offers HgCdTe photovoltaic and photoconductive detectors and arrays; InGaAs photodiodes for data, voice, and video communications; high speed fiber pigtail packages to 7 GHz; large area detectors for instrumentation and sensing;extended cutoff-wavelength devices; linear and digital (fiber ribbon) arrays; optical receivers up to 1.5 Gb/s. USA.
  • International Radiation Detectors
    Designs, manufactures and sells semiconductor radiation sensors to detect photons and other particles. Provides UV, XUV, and EUV stable silicon photodiodes for applications in the vacuum ultraviolet, extreme ultraviolet and the soft x-ray spectral region and for detection of electrons. USA.
  • NSG America, Inc.
    Manufacturer of integrated active triplexers, power monitor PIN photodiode, integrated tap detector, CWDM modules, Edge WDM/couplers, wideband fused fiber splitter, fused tap couplers, avalanche photodiodes, aspherical lens, micro lenses, imaging lenses, lens arrays, planar-convex lenses, and collimators.
  • NTT Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of semiconductor laser diodes, DFB lasers for gas sensing, photodiodes, fluoride and tellurite-based optical amplifiers, arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) wavelength multi/demultiplexer, athermal arrayed-wavelength grating multi/demultiplexer, planar lightwave circuits mach-zehnder interferometer, optical matrix switches, ASE light source, variable optical attenuators, plastic ferrules for singlemode fiber-optic connectors, fiber PC connector, high-speed InP ICs, base band processor, HDTV encoder and decoder. Japan.
  • OSI Optoelectronics, Inc.
    Design and manufacture of high performance standard, custom and OEM silicon and InGaAs photodides as well as a host of optoelectronic components and sub-assemblies for aerospace and defense, security and inspection systems, medical, communications and industrial automation applications. The company also offers added value turnkey electronics and box build in manufacturing facilties worldwide. USA.
  • Pacific Silicon Sensor Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of silicon based optical sensors. Product line includes a wide range of standard photodiodes, avalanche photodiodes and position sensitive detectors, which consist of ultraviolet enhanced photodiodes, low series resistance photodiodes, high speed photodiodes, low noise photodiodes, low capacitance photodiodes, quadrant photodiodes, high speed/high gain silicon photodiodes, and NIR (near infra-red) enhanced silicon photodiodes. USA.
  • PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
    Manufacturer of analog optoisolators, area cameras, infrared emitting diodes, linescan, direct illumination strobe, fiber optic strobe, reflective optoswitches, photocells, small and large-area indium gallium arsenide PIN photodiodes, silicon linear photodiode arrays, silicon PIN photodiodes, phototransistors, pyroelectric infrared detectors, thermopile detectors, trigger coils/transformers, ultraviolet detectors and sensors, UV exposure systems, amorphous silicon flat panel detectors, image tubes, medical sensors, multiplexors, aerospace optoelectronic systems, and high energy switches.
  • Quantum Devices, Inc.
    Produces application specific silicon photodiodes, optical encoders and light emitting diodes (LED) for commercial, industrial and medical applications. QDI's photodiodes and LED's are used in instrumentation for photosynthesis and photobiological research, biomedical and medical instrumentation for measuring blood sugar levels (glucometer), oxyhemoglobin and pulse rate (pulse oxymeter). USA.
  • RP Photonics Consulting GmbH
    Consulting services on issues of photodetection, such as the choice of suitable photodiodes, optimized electronic circuits, and noise issues. RP Photonics has a detailed know-how on optical and electronic noise, including noise calculations and simulations. Switzerland.
  • Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corporation
    Manufacturer of high speed InGaAs P-I-N and avalanche photodiodes, high resolution InGaAs SWIR area cameras, digital line scan camera, and focal plane arrays, used in laser tracking for weapons and communication systems, covert and fixed site surveillance, ground and air UV payloads, gimbal sensor assemblies, night vision and free space communications. Other applications for InGaAs technologies and imaging systems include near-infrared spectroscopy, security and surveillance, linescan inspection, process control, laser beam profiling, microscopy, art inspection and astronomy. USA.

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