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Optocouplers (also known as optical couplers or optoisolators) are electronic components which transmit electrical information, without electrical connection, between a light source (emitter) and a light detector (receiver). Optocouplers provide an electrically isolated link between two circuits through the use of an optical emitter and an optical detector which may be operated at vastly different electrical potentials. Optocouplers are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of applications where it is desired to provide coupling between circuits operating at different electrical potentials. An optocoupler is generally used for causing outgoing light from an end face of an optical fiber to fall on another optical fiber. Optocoupler are employed in power supplies, telecommunications, computer interfacing, control systems, and a wide variety of other applications. Optocouplers are also commonly used in circuits as indicators, or as control devices, wherein the light-responsive transistors are energized to control other circuits. An optocoupler comprises an optical signal transmitter, for example a light-emitting diode or laser diode, and an optical signal receiver, for example light sensitive transistors, thyristors, triacs, and other similar semiconductor devices which may be triggered by light, or which have light sensitive gain characteristics.

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  • Agilent Technologies
    Provides core electronic and bio-analytical measurement tools to engineers, service providers, researchers and scientists in the electronics, communications, life science research, environmental and petrochemical industries. Products include basic & general purpose instruments, RF & microwave instruments & systems, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, lightwave & photonic measurement solutions, DNA microarrays, capillary electrophoresis, communications management & test systems, and semiconductor test equipment.
  • Isocom Components 2004 Ltd.
    Manufacturer of infrared optoelectronic devices specialising in optocouplers and optoisolators, optoswitches and optosensors, MOSFET relays, and other optoelectronic components. UK.
  • Isolink Inc.
    Specializes in the manufacture of high-performance miniature hybrids and hermetically sealed devices. Offers a wide range of standard and custom optocouplers and optoswitches, photo transistor, high speed photodiode-transistor, low input current photodarlington, schmitt trigger, HS switching & high CMR, high-speed MOS-FET diver, and reliability process flowchart. USA.
  • MEDER Electronic
    Manufacturer and supplier of all purpose reed relays, low thermal reed relays, high frequency reed relay, line sensing reed relays, high voltage reed relays, optocouplers, micro machined sensors, surface mount reed sensors, ferromagnetic metal detection reed sensors, cylindrical M8 thread reed sensors, harsh conditions mounting reed sensors, reed switches, level sensor with magnetic float, and OKI switches.

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