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Optical signals are commonly transmitted in optical fibers, which provide efficient light channels through which optical signals can pass. Optical switch devices are essential to wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) indispensable in an optical network serving as a base of, e.g., the Internet communication network. In optical fiber systems, various mechanisms have been previously developed for switching optical signals between fiber cables. Generally, an optical switch functions to change a path of an optical signal transmitted through an optical fiber in a WDM optical communications network. The primary optical switching technologies used today are micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), liquid crystals, and bubbles. There are two types of optical switches which include a waveguide type optical switch using a quartz optical waveguide or a lithium niobate crystal optical waveguide, and a mechanical optical switch that mechanically moves an optical fiber or a prism.

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Listings on Optoelectronics : Optical switches

  • Ciena Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of advanced services platform, next-generation access platform, storage extension platform, passive optical multiplexer, hardened CWDM filters with wavesplicer technology, managed amplified optical add/drop multiplexer, managed optical ethernet multiplexer, multiservice edge aggregator, intelligent optical multiservice switch, managed optical services switch, ethernet services provisioning switch, broadband DSL system, modular broadband loop carrier, optical transport system, service edge router, and virtual wire. USA.
  • Force, Inc.
    Manufacturer of optical splitter/coupler, dispersion compensation module, daisy-chain transceiver, front panel rack-mount kit, self-healing ring transceiver, HDTV video link, rack chassis and card, temperature controller, L-band satellite transport link, ethernet data module, RF switch module, fiber optic transmitter, NEMA indoor/outdoor weatherproof enclosure, digital multi-video transport platform, optical A/B switch, and erbium-doped fiber amplifier. USA.
  • Optek Technologies
    Supplier of optoelectronic slotted switches, fluid sensor, flag switches, surface mount chip carriers, reflective switches, color sensor, reflective object sensor, optolectronic isolators, fiber optic receptacles, fiber optic transceivers, magnetic sensors, visible LED, pill pack lensed phototransistor, and optocally coupled isolator. USA.
  • OptiSwitch Technology Corporation
    Designs, develops, and manufactures light activated semiconductor devices, modules, and systems for our customers?mission critical and severe service applications. Products include high power microwave switched transmission lines, light activated surge protection switching, light activated semiconductor switches for DoD applications, fast risetime and high current (kiloAmp) pulse driver electronics for driving laser, diodes and other low impedance loads, high performance laser diodes and laser diode bars, custom light sources, optics, fiber-optics, and waveguides, thyratron, ignitron, pseudo-spark gap switch replacements. USA.
  • Wavefront Research, Inc.
    Specializing in the development of novel optical systems including low-loss 1xN and MxN optical switches, compact optical time delay systems, dense alignment-tolerant intra-board VCSEL-based optical interconnects, dense alignment-tolerant board-to-board VCSEL-based optical interconnects, high performance ultra-lightweight and compact hyperspectral imagers. USA.

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