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Optical scanners create electronic data representative of a scanned object. Optical scanners are widely used as a device for writing an image in the image forming apparatuses such as digital copying machines, optical printers, or facsimile machine. Commercial scanning products include flatbed scanners, scroll-fed scanners, hand-fed scanners, color copiers, fax machines and all-in-one multi-function products. Optical scanners for image-forming apparatuses such as laser beam printers and digital copying machines are adapted to cyclically deflect a light beam emitted from a light source and optically modulated in accordance with an image signal by means of an optical deflector such as a rotary polygon mirror, converge the light beam to a spot of light on the surface of a photosensitive recording medium by means of an imaging optical system and cause the light beam to scan the surface in order to record image information. Flatbed optical scanners have a transparent, horizontally disposed, flat plate or platen upon which an object to be scanned. The document is scanned by sequentially imaging narrow strip or scan line portions of the document on a linear optical sensor array such as a charge coupled device (CCD). Handheld optical scanners are used in a variety of applications including text scanning, barcode reading, and picture grabbing. These scanners comprise an optical sensor for acquiring image information that is managed by a central processing unit (CPU) and stored in a memory.

Listings on Optoelectronics : Optical scanners

  • ARGES GmbH
    Manufacturer of sophisticated scan head systems for laser marking, engraving, trimming and micro processing. Provides a comprehensive range of scan heads, control electronics, mechanic design, optics and software is used in key applications by industrial OEM’s, system integrators and scientific researchers worldwide. Germany.
  • Cyberware, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and sells standard and custom 3D scanning systems and software. Products include head & face color 3D scanner bundle, desktop 3D scanner bundle, whole body color 3D scanner bundle, color 3D scanhead, ear impression scanner, large statue scanner, spherical gantry, and below the knee scanner. USA.
  • Imaging Business Machines, LLC.
    Provides intelligent scanning technology for the most demanding document imaging applications, including mixed documents of different weights, sizes and compositions. Products include high-speed mid volume scanner and high-speed high volume scanner which offers front and rear color image capture, multiple image outputs, barcode, 2D barcode, ICR, MICR and multiple sort pockets. USA.

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