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An optical chopper is a mechanical device which physically chops a light beam into discrete light pulses incident sequentially and repeatedly on a number of target points. There are various constructions of light chopping arrangements for use in optical systems to control the propagation of light in such systems. Among them are frequency rotating disc choppers, fixed frequency tuning fork choppers, and optical shutters. In a rotating optical chopping device, a continuous laser beam is introduced into an optical mirror system consisting of several consecutive rotating disks exhibiting reflecting and transmitting segments. The optical mirror system generates a large number of light paths formed by the different combination of reflecting and transmitting segments. The beam introduced into the system is guided into the different light paths in steps according to the respective angular position of the disks and the beam is successively incident on different target points. Optical chopper disks are preferably used in analytical devices for determining the absorption capacity of a solid, liquid or gaseous substance. The purpose of such disks is to shortly interrupt one or several light beams that directly or indirectly impinge on a light-sensitive sensor. This interruption and the subsequent release of the light beam is also referred to as light modulation.

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  • ColorLink Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and sells polarization control solutions includiong retardation plates, spectral filters, polarizers, optical shutters, and custom optical assemblies, used in demanding consumer electronics including rear-projection televisions, DVD players, scientific applications such as medical imaging equipment and government/defense systems including avionics and simulation. USA.
  • DACO Instrument Company
    Designs and manufactures optical shutter systems (bi-stable shutters, spring shutters), rotary solenoid devices and aircraft instrumentation (solenoid-actuated indicators, self-regenerating desiccators, static desiccators) for thermal imaging, fiber optic networks, medical systems and aerospace applications. USA.
  • Electro-Optical Products Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of resonant choppers, rotating choppers q switches, pockels cells, a-o modulators, e-o modulators, beam deflectors, shutter/chopper, filter selectors, tunable filters, laser safety shutters, interlock shutters, modulating systems, resonant scanners, polygon scanners, beam deflectors, peizo scanners, radiometers, photo diode amplifiers, o/e and e/o converters, fiber optic multiplexers, fiber optic video links, laser vibrometers, and lock-in amplifiers. USA.
  • Hinds Instruments, Inc.
    Develops and manufactures photoelastic modulator-based systems and components that exploit the high sensitivity of PEM polarization analysis technology. Products include UV visible polarimeter, near IR polarimeter, mid IR polarimeter, NIR fiber polarimeter, optical head assemblies, photo detectors, signal conditioning unit, exicor birefringence measurement systems, stokes polarimeter, photoelastic modulators, and optical choppers. USA.
  • mut GmbH
    Develops and manufactures Motor controlled chopper wheel, spectrometers, channel photomultiplier detector, photodiode modules, avalanche photodiode modules, light sources, pulse laser modules, camera-based fire verification system, high-precision positioning systems, electronic modules, and mini-high voltage modules. Germany.
  • Stanford Research Systems, Inc.
    Manufacurer of small instrumentation modules, lock-in amplifiers, optical chopper, preamplifiers, digital delay generators, high voltage power supplies, gated integrators and boxcar averagers, photon counter, frequency standards/oscillators, time interval and frequency counters, synthesized clock generator, synthesized function, generators, FFT spectrum analyzers, LCR meters, dual channel programmable filters, melting point apparatus, quartz crystal microbalances, nitrogen laser, ion gauge controller, residual gas analyzers, and high pressure sampling systems. USA.

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