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A monochromator is an optical instrument that is designed to separate polychromatic white light (such as light consisting of more than one color or wavelength) into monochromatic light. A monochromator splits a broad band of light into individual bands of various wavelengths and individually displays a band or bands of a desired wavelength or wavelengths. Monochromators have a dispersing element such as a diffracting grate which spectrally decomposes the light passing through an entrance slit and having a beam-deflecting element for selecting the wavelength. A monochromator has polarization dependence and when light such as linearly polarized light biased in a particular direction launches, output characteristics different depending on a polarization direction are shown even in the light with the same energy. A grating monochromator is an optical device which disperses the light from a radiant source into its constituent wavelengths and focuses one wavelength at the exit slit of the device, there to be observed or utilized. A monochromator typically consists of a light dispersing element for dispersing light with respect to the wavelength, a driving mechanism for rotating the light dispersing element, a slit for extracting a monochromatic light from the dispersed light, and a light detector for detecting the monochromatic light.

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    Specialises in design and manufacturing of customised vacuum and laser systems, including soft-X-ray monochromator, scanning grating monochromator (SGM) for SLAC, VUV beamlines, X-ray microscope, current monitor, mirror bending system, mirror holder for IR-beamline, boundary layer spectrometer, UHV-crystal spectrometer, ESCA / AUGER spectroscopy system, automated HV-sputtering system, and HV thermal deposition system. Germany.
  • Cairn Research Ltd.
    Scientific instruments manufacturer of monochromator systems, modular photometry system, xenon arc lamps and power supplies, fast stepping / spinning filter changer, xenon arc flash photolysis system, patch clamp amplifier / microelectrode amplifier, fast fluorescence imaging systems, optical probe system for multi-point photometry, and custom engineering for science and instrumentation. UK.
  • Eddy Company
    Produces complete optical coating systems using electron beam or resistively heated vapor sources, sputtering sources, and ion beam sources. Products include monochromators, digital system controller, flip tooling controler, light monitor system, ion source controller, photo multiplier tube, lead-sulfide detector, chip changers, e-gun pocket rotaters, and low current feed through. USA.
  • Horiba Jobin Yvon
    Manufacturer of monochromator / CCD detector, ICP optical emission spectrometer, radio frequency glow discharge spectromete, spectrofluorometer, fluorescence lifetime spectrometer, spectroscopic ellipsometer, semiconductor and liquid cyrstal process monitors, cathodoluminescence spectrophotometer, photoluminescence spectrophotometer, raman spectrophotometer, and forensic systems. Japan.
  • McPherson, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures high resolution and vacuum monochromators and spectrometers, CCD equipped imaging spectrographs, digital scanning systems, detectors for spectroscopy, raman spectroscopy, fluorescence detectors, ultraviolet photoacoustic spectrophotometer, precision optics, beam expanders and telescopes. USA.
  • OhioLumex Co.
    Manufacturer and distributor of analytical and scientific instrumentation including mercury vapor filter scrubber, mercury analyzers, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, multipurpose near-IR FT spectrometer, capillary electrophoresis systems, luminescent and absorption photometric analyzer, cryogenic systems, high performance liquid chromatography system, microwave sample digestor, and monochromators. USA.
  • Verity Instruments, Inc.
    Manufacturer of optical emission instruments and software applications for endpoint detection, and advanced process control, and film thickness measurement. Optical emission-based instruments include spectrographs, monochromators and interference filter-based detectors. These products are used for endpoint determination in etch, ion beam etch, CVD etchback, photoresist strip, chemical/mechanical polishing (CMP) and other processes. USA.

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